The Resonance Key…great book to read

by admin on November 14, 2010

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I am reading this book and wanted to share a few quotes…

“Man’s use of resonance and sound to heal the body is probably one of the oldest treatment modalities in existence.  The idea that the body responds to different sound and light frequencies is not new, and serves as the underlying foundation of many ancient healing traditions.”

Science and medicine are now recognizing the use of sound and light to align the body’s own vibratory frequencies with those of a body vibrating at optimal health.  The Life Vessel uses Frequency, Vibration, Sound and Light waves that work to balance the autonomic nervous system…THE BODY DOES NOT KNOW DISEASE BY NAME ®

Dr. Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine is quoted in the book saying, “when the body is weak or off balance, it oscillates as a less harmonious frequency than when healthy”.  At the Life Vessel of the Rockies we believe a body can get out of balance from emotional, environmental or physical trauma.

Gerber goes on to say, “By further applying certain vibrational frequencies the body can restore itself to the balance of health and rid itself of the “toxicities of illness”.

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