What does it mean to DETOX the body?

by admin on December 25, 2010

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The Life Vessel works to assist you and your WHOLE body to detox emotionally, physically and environmentally. I found this article and it really is a great explanation of detoxification and what the body goes through when it detoxes.

What is detox, or detoxification?

The truth is, our bodies are detoxifying themselves every minute, every single moment, particularly while we are resting, asleep or fasting. Where do all the wastes and toxins come from, you may ask.

There are two main sources of toxins and wastes in our body. First are external sources, from what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe in, what we put on our skin, what we use to wash our hair, etc.

The other source of toxins are wastes which are by-products of processes within the human body. When the body digests food, it creates wastes. When it heals and repairs itself, it creates wastes. When we experience negative emotions, such as stress and anger, the body also creates toxins. The list goes on.

The problem with most of us today, especially city dwellers, is that our dietary and lifestyle habits are so terrible, we are bombarding our bodies with much more toxins then they can get rid of.

These poisons accumulate in our bodies, causing a whole host of health problems and conditions, including chronic fatigue, premature aging, skin problems, depression, low immunity, and even serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease and cancer.

A full body detox helps to get rid of as much of these built-up and clogged up toxins as possible, freeing our bodies’ energies to carry out healing and repair work.

Think of it as “servicing” mode. Every day, our bodies are in “operational” mode, working hard, even overworking. Once in awhile, we need to take it away from that and send it for cleaning. We even send our cars for regular servicing, why not our bodies?

The great thing is, our bodies are infinitely smarter, more intelligent and wiser than any car Man can ever build. Our bodies know how to clean itself, how to repair itself, how to heal itself. Yes, the human body can heal itself of *anything*! But it needs our help. Thus, we need to work with the body in restoring itself to health.

To give your body the best support possible, besides regular full body detox, I suggest that you practice as many basic dietary and lifestyle good health habits as possible.

Do note that a detox may make you feel lousy at first, as your body cleans itself of accumulated toxins. Some people feel nauseous, some have headaches, some feel very tired, some people don’t have any adverse reactions at all. These effects, if any, may last for days. This is commonly called a “detox reaction”, and it’s a good thing, as it’s part of the healing and repair process.

After a good full body detox, you feel better, healthier, have more energy and vitality, think clearer, and even be happier. That’s right.

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to try it for yourself.


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