The Doctor Yourself Laws of Natural Therapeutics

by admin on March 25, 2011

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From the book Doctor Yourself by Andrew Saul

LAW: Most illness is due to malnutrition. This not only includes the chronic diseases, but also viral and bacterial acute illnesses, which are greatly aggravated by inadequate nutrition.

LAW: Adding drugs to a sick body to cure it is like adding poison to a polluted lake to clean it. Killing microorganisms, or masking the cause of symptoms, is no more than a temporary answer.

LAW: Restoring health must be done nutritionally, not pharmacologically. All cells in all persons are made exclusively from what we drink and eat. Neither the chemical spraying of a sick plant nor the chemical dosing of a sick child can substitute for really good nutrition.

LAW: Nutrient therapy increases individual resistance to disease. Drug therapy generally lowers resistance to disease. Healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people do not get sick. Doctors do not admit to this, because healthy people make poor customers. What if word got out?

LAW: With vitamin therapy, speed of recovery is proportional to the dosage given. As there is a certain, large amount of fuel needed to launch an aircraft, there is a certain, large amount of nutrients needed to cure a sick body.

LAW: The quantity of a nutritional supplement that cures an illness indicates the patient’s degree of deficiency. It is therefore not a mega-dose of the vitamin, but rather a mega-deficiency of the nutrient that we are dealing with.

LAW: Vitamin C can replace antibiotics, antihistamines, antipyretics, antitoxins, and antiviral drugs at saturation (bowel tolerance) levels. “Saturation” means vastly higher doses than you ever imagined, and “bowel tolerance” means exactly what you think it means.

LAW: The reason one nutrient can cure so many different illnesses is because a deficiency of one nutrient can cause many different illnesses.

LAW: A vitamin can act as a drug, but a drug can never act as a vitamin.

LAW: With vitamin therapy, at any given quantity, frequently divided doses are more effective. This is especially true with the water-soluble B and C vitamins.

LAW: Generally, the price of a food is inversely proportional to its nutritional value. Brown rice, beans, vegetables from your garden, sprouts from your own countertop jars, fruits from your own trees and bushes … all are superior to meats and prepared convenience foods that cost a fortune.

LAW: What you need to do to doctor yourself is less than you might think but more than you might want. There are no free rides in life.

LAW: Health recovered is proportional to effort expended. You do not have to live an inflexibly perfect life to have a much healthier body … but it sure helps to try.

LAW: Most confusion over what constitutes proper health care arises from partisans. Bias against vitamin supplements proceeds from people who stand to lose when cheap, natural health care succeeds. Hospitals, physicians, nurses, dieticians, politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and others have a vested interest in disease.

LAW: Many conflicting reports about vitamin therapy come from natural health partisans. These include vitamin distributors, individual supplement companies, brands, and even practitioners trying to corner as much of the market as they can for themselves. Ignore them. I have no financial connection whatsoever to the health products industry or to any part of it.

LAW: Health knowledge worth having does not go out of date in ten years or even one hundred years. “New” does not automatically mean more accurate or more valuable. “Old” research and clinical studies are often superior references. What works is never out of date. Fasting, near-vegetarian diet, use of nutritional supplements, and other non-pharmaceutical methods have stood the test of time, as have Einstein’s theories and the Bill of Rights.

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