Top 10 Benefits of Fish Oil:

by admin on September 5, 2011

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1. Great Improvement in Memory and Focus
This is really cool one. Many people when they get older are starting to forget things and lose focus. That sometimes can lead to stress and depression. Guys from Harvard University are saying that all can be changed by using fish oil supplements to your daily diet.

2. Fights Against Cardiovascular Disease
This condition is currently number one killer of us, humans in the world. We have consumed food that made us fat, unable to exercise in our hectic life give people a bad heart problems. It is not too late, the America Heart Association says that omega 3 fatty acids can help you to improve this when choosing the right diet and do some simple and easy oil benefits

3. Lessen Your Pain and Inflammation
Many people struggle with pain on all kind of places. It can be lower back, knees, shoulder or neck pain that makes you useless for couple hours or even days. Now you can do something about it.

4.Lowers the Painful Bowel Disorders
Have you experienced Crohn’s disease? Then you know how much pain it can cause to you. What is very interesting is that over 60 percent of these sufferers free themselves from this condition thanks to using fish oil supplements.

5.Helps in Proper Fetus Development in Pregnant Women
Many research was done on DHA omega 3 fatty acids and its role in proper fetus development in the women’s womb. It is because these acids are helping to form the baby’s brain. But even when your baby is born and you breastfeed, you still can pass the benefits of omegas to your baby.

6. Help to Easy Menstrual Pain
Are you suffering from this pain every single month? You do not have to. Take some refined fish oil pill or tablet and experience less and less pain.

7.Help with Various Skin Disorders
DO you have acne? Do you have any skin rash or disorders you are very ashamed for? Ok, let me help you here. You do not have to feel so embarrassed anymore, because omega fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that will help your skin to heal itself.

8.Anti Cancerous Properties
Cancer is still one of the top leading diseases that cause death. Many people have cancer from smoking, the others can genetically inherit this disease and some people can get it from pollution, bad food choices etc…

At the moment there are still large numbers of studies that are being done for many different big as this one is.

9. Reverse the Aging Process
Yes, by taking these pills, you will start feeling energized, without pain and your skin will start looking really great.

10.Improves Hair Strength
many people do not know about this, but taking fish oil can help your hair to look much stronger and healthier. There are some studies that shows it can even reverse the hair falling.

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