A testimonial from a Nurse Practitioner and some advice

by admin on December 16, 2011

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A Family Nurse Practitioner wrote about integrative medicine to educate us all on how we can integrate traditional medicine with The Life Vessel. Below is her story of her Life Vessel experience.

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check out this blog space on the ever-informative and exciting Life Vessel of the Rockies Website.  I’m a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  I have a long history of working in medicine—first as a health educator, then as an RN, and finally in my current role as an FNP. After spending years exploring the more traditional medical pathways to health, I have recently become fascinated by subtle energy medicine, vibrational medicine, the Mind Body Connection, and the intersection between quantum physics and medicine.

My hope is to explore the exciting intersection between traditional, allopathic medicine and subtle energy medicine. There’s so much to talk about! Our consciousness, the mind-body connection, the autonomic nervous system and its myriad wonders (and unfortunate capacity for dysfunction), and the endless and exhilarating new findings in the field of subtle energy are just a few of the topics I hope to explore in this space.

I thought a nice place to start would be to share my own experience with the Life Vessel. A little about me–I have two young (and wonderful, and perfect!) daughters at home—ages 3 and 1. I also have a wonderful and caring husband. I work as an FNP in primary care, and I work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle (I’ve lost 100 pounds in the past 20 months!). All of these pieces of my “pie” take a lot of work. Not helping matters much is the fact that I am…tightly wound. I admit to being one of those Type A personalities, a perfectionist, and rather rigid in my approach to life and all of my responsibilities.

As I embarked on my journey as a young mother of two little girls, it seemed imperative to me that I keep all of my balls in the air…on a SCHEDULE! I wanted everything to be planned in advance, and every plan to come exactly to fruition. My house had to be perfectly clean, because if it wasn’t, well, the chaos would just overtake me. I had to fit into those size 6 pants, because if I didn’t, well, I might get heavy again. I had to see all of my patients at work exactly on time so that I could get home and see the girls, clean the house before bed, get everything ready for the gym tomorrow…you get the idea.

I told myself that being “organized” was the only way that I could manage all of my new responsibilities and keep myself attractive for my wonderful husband (who has never, ever, put pressure on me in that department…I did that to myself!), keep my patients healthy, keep money in the bank…it never ends. I think you can see what I mean about me being one of those Type A’s!

Now I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret…not something a lot of medical providers will admit to while we’re dispensing advice on how you can be healthy yourself…I had a bit of a caffeine problem. A two big cups in the morning, followed by a triple venti latte, followed by four or five Diet Cokes in the afternoon kind of problem. I wouldn’t have known a glass of water if it came up and poured itself in my lap…I don’t have time for water! I have to organize things! Probably the most important thing to note is that, even in the midst of all of my turmoil, I thought of myself as incredibly “healthy”.

The thing is, no matter how great my girls were, how supportive my husband was, or how clean my house was, I never felt…caught up. I was always running a race. I literally got a speeding ticket on my way to my first Life Vessel session! My dentist told me I needed a mouth guard because I was grinding my teeth into nothing. In traditional medicine we call this TMJ. My jaw always hurt, because it was always clenched, even when I was “relaxing”. I told myself that if I just exercised more I would eventually feel that ever-elusive “calm”.

Then I met a woman named Gail Lynn who opened my eyes to a whole new world I had never even considered. She gently suggested that I check out a book called “The Healing Code”, and everything changed. I realized that I was going to make myself sick. That my autonomic nervous system was screaming for me to stop…I just hadn’t been listening. I was too busy.

After my first hour in the Life Vessel, I felt…peculiar. Everything was in slow motion. It was disconcerting, but it was incredibly nice. After my second and third hours in the Life Vessel, I felt really, really weird. My body felt like it was spinning…all of it. This was not pleasant for me. Then after my fourth hour, everything just fell into place. I felt like I could breathe. I didn’t want Diet Coke at all (as I type this, I haven’t had a frosty, delicious Diet Coke in over a month, and I don’t even want one!), and I started drinking water. A lot of it. I still love my morning coffee, but just one or two regular cups are all I need to enjoy when my angelic girls wake me up at 5am.

My stainless steel appliances are still shiny and clean, but I only clean them once a day…not five times a day. My laundry pile is pretty big, but I’m able to walk away from it and go to bed when I’m tired. I’m a lot nicer to my sweet husband (but I’m still not perfect…hey, it’s a journey!), and I’m able to really focus on my patients and give them a lot more to consider than the latest pill I have to solve their problems.

Oh, and the TMJ? After my first session I had the strangest sensation—I couldn’t clench my jaw if I tried. That sensation passed after a few days, but in its place it left a complete lack of desire to clench or to grind my teeth. I haven’t had pain since the morning I got that ticket on my way to the Life Vessel center. When I sit down to cuddle and read with my girls, I’m just…cuddling and reading. Not thinking about the 20 things I need to do as soon as I can divert their attention to another game or toy. This has been the greatest gift that Gail and the Life Vessel have given to me, and I will be forever grateful. I know that I have a lot more work to do, and that I’ll need more sessions as I progress on my own path to wellness. But instead of running a race, I’m just enjoying the ride.

I hope that my story has been helpful to you, and that we can travel this road to wellness together. My cooler will be full of water, and not Diet Coke, but I have all the energy I need to get me to where I want to be.

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