Dr. Horner Interview with Dr. Mercola discussing Life Vessel

by admin on January 18, 2012

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Here is an excerpt from the interview. It starts around 1:32:00 where Dr. Horner discusses Life Vessel. I have inserted some comments / corrections that I feel are important to note after being mentored by the Inventor, Barry McNew for the past 2 years.

DM: So, are there any other items you‟d like to address that we haven‟t touched on yet?

CH: You know there‟s another technology that I‟m really excited about called the Life Vessel. Have you heard of it?

DM: No.

CH: No? Okay. So it was designed probably about, I‟m going to say, 10 to 12 years ago. It has FDA certifications as a relaxation device, but it’s extraordinary in being able to help in detoxification and with, as I see, making ourselves more intelligent or increasing our body’s and our healing intelligence. It works through quantum physics. It uses light frequency sound and vibration. It’s a deceptively simple looking device where you lay in a box (in a wooden encasement) and you’re on a piece of foam, and they pipe in music into the box so you’re just lying there enjoying the music.

GAIL: The Life Vessel has a 510K FDA Clearance and uses Frequency, Vibration, Sound and Light Waves in a resonant frequency to assist the body in balancing the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System). It takes the body to a level below the level of consciousness at an awakened state. The brain waves while in the box have been tested to take one to 2-4 Hz, at that place the body can go into free flow to detox, de-stress, reset and re-balance.

GAIL: The science behind the “wooden encasement” Dr. Horner discusses is used to achieve the proper resonance in the vessel. The “foam” is a non-toxic pad and the sound comes up from the bottom as the client is lying on their back as the vessel works to balance the ANS (connected to the spine).

It’s somewhat like the infrared technology. It sets up a resonance frequency in the body and it balances the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is composed of the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. So these are the things that traditionally aren’t under our conscious control.

One thing that’s really fascinating is that most of the research has been done in the medical literature is looking at the biochemical nature of the body and not looking at the electrical nature of the body. It’s been found that we have the 50 percent of the receptors in our body as electrical.

So we have electrical stimulation to the cell membranes as well as the immune systems and so forth. The importance about the autonomic nervous system is that it is stimulating our cells and causing reactions that then go and affect our DNA. One ability that we have or an approach for health and for balancing our body is to actually work with our electrical receptors. The Life Vessel is a vehicle for doing that. So by balancing the autonomic nervous system…Instead normally we have our sympathetic overdrive – our sympathetic system, which is kind of our fight or flight system – as a thing that is always kind of pumping out because of the way that we live. That is actually giving electrical signals to our body that are inducing disease and causing stimulation of certain gene activations in our DNA that are prescribed for disease basically.

By balancing the autonomic nervous system, now you’re getting the ideal stimulation to the cells, and it ultimately causes our DNA to read more properly. With this particular device, they’ve had complete healings of people with Parkinson’s disease, which is huge for neurological disorders, and for kids that have ADD and Autism. They even develop mentally slow kids – I just saw astounding changes associated with that. And it’s huge for detoxification, so again it’s increasing the energy in the cells.

When you walk into a room where someone’s lying in the Life Vessel, going through a treatment, it’s a one-hour treatment. It’s actually four one-hour treatments that are done over the course of three days. When you walk in, it’s like overwhelming: the smell of crayons and petroleum products likened, and things that are out gassing from this very simple technique.

GAIL: The protocol is 4 sessions over 3 days and each session is 45-60 minutes, depending the setting you are on. The Life Vessel releases emotional, physical and environmental trauma in the body so, yes, most people have a “smell”. I have smelled heavy metals, petroleum, chemo, anesthesia, urine (bladder), nicotine, ether and many other smells that are sweet (candida / yeast), sour, rancid (fat) and more. This happens as soon as the body is allowed to go to that level below consciousness and free flow.

GAIL: “The Body Does Not Know Disease By Name” as said by the Inventor, Barry McNew so anything is possible with the use of The Life Vessel.

DM: It sounds like it’s not something one would purchase for their home but to see a clinician who has it.

CH: No, you have to go to a clinic and there are only few in the United States right now. Santa Fe has a clinic. Scottsdale, Arizona, Newport Beach, California, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Pittsburgh and actually, a new one that just went into Boulder, Colorado.

GAIL: We are in Westminster, CO.

DM: Interesting.

CH: Yeah.

DM: Sounds fascinating.

CH: Yeah.

DM: All right. Any other items?

CH: I think that’s it.

DM: Well, thank you so much for joining us.

CH: You’re welcome.

The Full Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_yRmHw2kv0&feature=share

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