Life Vessel Remote Viewed – excerpt from viewing

by admin on February 4, 2012

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The viewers were given the location and that it was a healing device – no other knowledge was given.

The Pathfinders Target Report – on healing device

Question – What is happening when a healing takes Place:

Viewer 1:
It goes through the body, finds cells that are not functioning as they should and heals them so they function normally

Affected DNA and changes it

Increases correct cell replication

Makes cells secret a substance that lubricates

Removes ‘dark’ energy-sucks it out like a vacuum cleaner
Removes negativity

Reminds me of house cleaning-cleaning up all the dirt, grime, gunk, dust out of the body so it is ‘squeeky’ clean , clear, and shinning

It ‘talks’ to the soul/spirit so it makes ‘new’ choices based on soul purpose

Eliminates depression-causing the “feel good” substances to be released by the body
Food for the soul

Gives feedback on positive choices.

increases persons drive to fulfill life purpose and mission

Gives courage and strength to do this

Amplifies positive, successful thinking and decisions

Points the way/path to travel

Increases intuition and connection to “the ALL”

Can help tap into universal knowledge

Teaches unconditional love and compassion for all

Summary: ‘a mind blowing experience’

Viewer #2:
No resistance
Form effect
End result plain – with no resistance
Rings out turbulence
Forms framework
Gradual down, up, down
Puts in state of bliss
Moving, changing to tranquil
Only focus
Takes to a state of mind, of being “that” is conducive with being healed

Viewer #3:
I see a quiet room, and the device is projecting an emerald green infusion of light in the room. The device seems to sit at the head of person who is laying on the table? And then the energy ripples down the body. There are also beams of a white light that seem to be stranding from the sides. Effect of the person is not discernable to me.

Viewer #4:
Here we go coach Mike: P.S.S. – I have been thinking of this target for over one week, just catching glimpses, feelings and sensations what this healing device does, and how it does it. I sense and feel that the more appropriate term is a boosting device for the human body. In a way like a Buck/Boost transformer meaning that the human body is using energy more efficiently, and more of it “energy”. Opening up and increasing circulation and metabolism. Like a Variable Frequency Drive, the human body becomes more balanced and efficient; like a stable and balanced sine wave that flows smoothly. In my phase II description, it started out feeling “the device” spinning and pulsing energy. Low voltage with very low amperage, varying frequencies and pulses. First fast then slow then fast again. Deep then shallow alternating back and forth; contracting then relaxing muscle groups. Raising the metabolism of the human body, and opening up the body to a more perfected functioning process. I feel and sense continued pulsing; I have a warm tinglely feeling. I hear humming sounds, in a way it sounds like hummingbird wings when they are flying. This energy from the device can be directed and controlled and I believe modulated. This energy helps to boost the immune system, like somewhat being supercharged, but in a natural way. The functioning is not just the device itself, but also how the operator using the device performs, and the skill and knowledge and technique behind the use of the device itself. End session “What a totally cool viewing, I feel refreshed viewing this target”

Viewer #5:
11/8/11 4:32AM
Viewer sees:
Aligning of molecules
Balancing all energy on a deep level
Bringing everything back to its natural, intended state
No alteration by electronics, chemicals, etc.
Realignment of all natural processes

Viewer #6:
Saw that Life Vessel on a physical level was producing light, sound vibrations and low frequency resonance frequencies. Noted (sensed intuitively) that behind the sound there was another energy signature that was causing a resonance to take place internally like at a subatomic vibrational level. Noted (saw) that each strand of the physical form was elongated and any issue in its (muscle memory) was shaken out. Noted (kinesthetically) that the “music” played different harmonic tones by different instruments and human voice sounds (up and down the musical scale) caused the effect of euphoria to take place in the matter. Noted (what I think is happening) is that the physical form is being reminded of its oneness with The Divine (The Great Spirit) and the perfection of the soul (spirit) when it incarnated in this life-time. The idea of “perfection” kept coming up, astatically as a constant reminder throughout the experience. It seems as if the entire process left the physical form in a subdued state or mind and frequency that elevated it towards perfection. The device during treatment activated two undisclosed issue – one in my right arm at the elbow which had been experiencing tendinitis (as a result of April – October fire mitigation wherein I cut and carried and hauled 130 cubic yards of brush to the county slash pile) – the other some numbness in the bottom of my left foot. Clearly the device zeroed in on the imbalance in the physical form in these two areas during the treatment, as I could feel an energy build up in these areas. Looked behind the experience while it was happening and saw an underlying oneness with perfection and what the soul (spirit) was meant to be and felt as well as a oneness with The Divine.
Conducted the remote viewing during the experience to gather data on what was going on inside of me via the application of the device and looked at the device to see what was the cause behind the effect that was being felt/experienced. END

Life Vessel 10/26/11 Experience by Mike Van Atta
Before treatment placed on the table a heart shaped clear rutelated quartz on top of a Reiki Power Symbol to see if Rei = God, ki = Energy (to see if it would have any assisting effect. Experimenter is a Reiki Master Teacher (with 12 years of experience) in successfully healing others and a Remote Viewers (with 15 years of experience), the Project Manager of The Pathfinders, a team of 15 remote viewers.

I think the device rearranges the underlying vibrational structure that holds matter in place, releasing anything that is not conducive with perfection.

Came out with questions as to how the music was selected by a physical being and who did the arranging. Answer was that the inventor Berry McNew five years ago designed the musical arrangement.

The feeling created by or generated by the device was prolonged staying activated hours after the experience. I was for the most part in solitude following the experience, not interacting with very many people from 9:15am to 11:15pm so I had uninterrupted time. I had not eaten breakfast when I arrived about 8:00am to experience the device. So I had roughly 3 hours of undisturbed flow of contemplation about what was going on, in my as a result of exposure.

Background: The device “Life Vessel” came to the inventor in a dream in 1998. Its technology has been experienced by thousands of people. The aim is to balance the Autonomic Nervous System and detoxify by drinking one gallon of water each day for 25 days following treatment. Testimonials show that cancer has been cured as a result of treatment as well as many other ailments and maladies. The device has been studied by several scientists with many published scientific reports. (Cost per one hour treatment – $190.00 per hour.)

During the experience I ran the Psyleron Random Event Generator, designed by scientists at Princeton University. The REG-1 overall 7.17 with spikes at 9.83 in standard deviation (2.0 is statistically significant) duration 1 hour & 11 minutes.

I want to promote healers and healing methods that are successful. One such healing method which Susan & Mike Van Atta, Reiki Master Teachers have both experienced is called Life Vessel – The Life Vessel has shown via case histories since 1998 to have healed cancer and other incurable issues – when modern medical scientific practices and procedures have said there was nothing more that they could do. Put you faith and belief in Life Vessel because it has successfully healed many melodies. Investigate this method of healing.

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