Water and Electrolytes – Why we stress their importance

by admin on February 14, 2012

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By Tracy Brennan:

As our seasoned clients already know, we here at Life Vessel are very into proper hydration. Since most of us are barely getting a healthy allotment of hydration each day, the Life Vessel requirements of drinking one gallon a day for several days seems to be extremely severe and nearly impossible. However, there are reasons why we are so adamant about staying hydrated; the human body is about 60% water, the brain is 70%, and the lungs are 90%. Even our bones are not as solid as we think, since 22% of our bone mass is water, as well. Water is the substance that allows us to move, breathe, digest, and live. Without water, everything within us shuts down; the body’s cells can’t communicate to each other, and our bodies stagnate and solidify. Water is truly the Elixir of Life.

The normal daily intake of water for the average human being can be boiled down to a neat, easy-to-remember equation: drink half of your body weight in ounces on a daily basis. As an example, let’s say that you weigh 200 pounds. Half of that would be 100, so you should be drinking 100 ounces of water per day to keep hydrated and healthy. By doing this, you’re keeping your blood, lymphatic system and bowels fluid enough so that they can act as the transportation systems that they are.

Think of your body as a busy metropolis; your bloodstream is the main highway system of the body, and on that highway, food trucks are taking nutrition to houses and grocery stores, garbage trucks are carrying garbage away from neighborhoods, and parcel trucks are carrying information to and from businesses and homes. What would happen if the highways got stuck in chronic five o’clock traffic? Deliveries wouldn’t get to their destinations on time, garbage would be stuck in stagnant areas, and people would starve if food couldn’t be delivered promptly. Think of disaster stories where an earthquake or storm impacted an area; the people left in the aftermath suffered from hunger, inadequate medical supplies and attention, filth and broken waste management systems…these people are your cells, calling out for assistance so that they can return to a normal, healthy life. All they need is fresh, clean water, and plenty of it.

When people go through periods of heavy exercise, intense heat, or a detoxification program, water becomes even more critical and daily intake should be increased. Exercise and heat start to dehydrate the body since perspiration is used as a cooling mechanism in the effort to regulate a healthy body temperature. Detoxification, on the other hand, requires more water because the body is now working overtime. More garbage is brought to the curb, per se, so it’s even more important to keep your highways open and clean.

Picture yourself doing a thorough “spring cleaning”, pulling out the old junk from your garage and basement, and cleaning the leaves and undergrowth out from your yard. This is what the cells do when they go into a deep cleaning mode. Extra “garbage trucks” are necessary to remove the junk, which is then thrown out through your bowels, urine and sweat. More water is needed to keep everything flowing correctly; otherwise, your blood gets thick with toxicity, and suddenly you don’t feel well. Headaches, flu-like symptoms, and feelings of nausea are common signals that more water is needed; sometimes, “brain fog” can be a symptom, as well. If your body doesn’t have the water that it needs, it can remove excess water from the brain and spinal column to flush out what it has to. Ever have a day when you’re not thinking clearly? Grab a bottle of water as soon as you can. It’s that important.

Speaking on the importance of water wouldn’t be complete without also speaking about the importance of electrolytes since the two go hand in hand. Electrolytes are free ions responsible for holding and conducting electrical charges; sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are some examples of electrolytes. Without electrolytes, your body would have problems in regulating water usage and blood pH; maintaining proper heart and nerve function wouldn’t be possible, either. Muscle control and coordination, and healthy cellular communication are also affected by electrolytes; without them, your whole body would just shut down.

Think of your body as that busy metropolis again. A booming city has networks designed for communication: it uses either electrical networks (phone, email, fax) or it sends physical messages (post office or parcel delivery service). Your body communicates to itself in the same two ways; the endocrine system sends messages via hormones (parcel delivery service), and the Central Nervous System sends messages electrically. Right now, since we’re just looking at the electrical communication in the body, we’ll stay focused there and leave the endocrine system for another day.

The electrical messages need a medium to conduct them from one cell to another. Electrolytes hold the electrical charge that messages need in order to skip down the length of a nerve fiber, almost as if you were skipping a stone across a pond. When someone touches your hand, that message is received by the nerve cells in your skin, and it’s then carried swiftly through a complex network of nerve cells until finally it reaches your brain to give you the message that you are being touched. Electrolytes, like the force that allows the stone to skip across the pond without sinking, make this possible.

Electrolytes also charge the cells like a battery is charged in your car. They conduct electricity, store energy, allow your cells to communicate, and assist your muscles when they need to contract (your heart is a muscle, too). They prevent muscle weakness and avoid cardiac and neurological complications. If water is the Elixir of Life, as stated earlier, then electrolytes allow the communication and regulation of that life to happen.

All this is why water and electrolytes are held so highly in esteem here at Life Vessel. After every session, clients are given electrolytes and asked to drink plenty of water to assist the body in hydrating, communicating, and detoxifying so that the body can work as efficiently as possible. Our electrolyte products are the best on the market, designed specifically to hydrate your body without putting more toxic junk into the mix. Your wellness, your success, is what’s most important to us; drink your water, take your electrolytes, and commit to the gentle healing process known as the Life Vessel. Your body will thank you for it!

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions: (303) 630-9218

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