A few of the many supportive comments we received from the Channel 4 story done on Life Vessel

by admin on March 1, 2012

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I am a “healer” and a caregiver 80 hours a week. any healer knows that they don’t heal. we heal ourselves when we are ready to heal. that is why nothing heals everyone. that is why placebos work. the body is the miracle worker when it has what it needs. most of us need something like a healer, placebo pill, or life vessel to inspire us to heal. the life vessel works if you are ready to work with it. It is far better than drugs which force your body to do something that might be bad for it. listen to all the side effects for any drug ad. the life vessel works with your body

ky stanley
i dont comment much on the internet but reading this artical i have to say you are very one sided news organization , do you have a problem with finding a cure . no matter what the problem one would have . if this or anything else helps someone get past an illness then why do you wish to write such negitivity about what seems to have help some.
it seems to me that a this report is what should be looked at closer, it seems you could have taken the same information and made a positive report and show people one more possibilties for hope .
but no yourt not looking to help poeple are you
what is it that you owed by the elites also . try helping the people not tearing down possibities.

i suggest if you have negitive reporting to do do what we were all taught
if you have nothing nice to say …….

Completely agree! Well said. This is not news. This is an attempt just to discredit a company that is offering an alternative.

Dr. D
Thanks for writing this piece. These charlatans with the coffin with speakers are ready to gouge the hopeful out of their dying dollars.

February 24, 2012 at 4:22 am | Reply |
Baron Wasteland
What’s your track record “Doc”? Your industry seems pretty comfortable gouging the dying out of their savings. You have a big house?How did that happen? What’s the track record on the success rate of cancer treatment via the FDA? That’s an industry with lots of heart. LOOK IN THE MIRROR BOY BEFORE YOU THROW STONES!

I’m a believer
There is another alternative, that can be had at a wellness center in estes park…It is light and sound therapy, just not in a box….It does the same as what Tracy has so well explained above. I would never knock anything that makes people feel better….especially without the use of drugs…and fyi, you can purchase your own light and sound machines to use at home for just a few hundred dollars….not as high tech, but still very relaxing and still does the re-training of the brain….

Kitty Roxanna Connell
Objectivity, which should be the standard for journalism, seemed completely absent from the interviews, and that’s a shame. What the Life Vessel is and does cannot be conveyed by out-of-context sound bites, especially when the goal is sensationalism, rather than useful information.

I am also mystified by the statement that, “testimonials on the Life Vessel website claim to help people with migraine headaches, back pain, sleep problems, hepatitis and even autism.” These are testimonials written by sincere people who benefitted from the Life Vessel—people who wanted to share their experiences. Yet “On Your Side” calls their veracity into question.

That, to me, begs the question, “On Whose Side?” Certainly not on mine. The Life Vessel has helped me reclaim my life from despair, and losing this resource would severely diminish my health choices. Certainly not on the side of the people who wrote those testimonials either. Or the countless people who also find help in the Life Vessel but don’t write about it. Finally, this report does not serve people with health issues who want to explore and consider all of their options before making informed decisions.

With all due respect, if you’re really on our side, please give us objective information and save the bias for the tabloids.

Vessel Fan
My situation is a rare one. After 14 years and 15 or so western medical doctors who couldn’t figure out why I am sick, I now have HOPE. Thanks to this technology I’ve been able to move forward… to progress toward what everyone else takes for granted every day. My other health practitioners have been sincerely shocked by the results and are anxious to see what happens next. 🙂 At this time I’m still a work in progress, but what I can say for sure is that the Life Vessel is playing a major role in removing chemical, emotional and sometimes physical, barriers that were preventing my body from balancing out and healing on its own. I’ve tried many other western, and alternative, therapies known for producing similar results, but for me none of them were successful. So far, this one has been.

My only question is… what is the motivation behind this story? The “gotcha” journalism and deceptive editing techniques used by this reporter along with his tone came across not only as biased but extremely insinuative. If under investigation, why was neither company given the opportunity to face their accuser or defend the accusation? If not under investigation, why was the AG involved? To make matters worse the particular placement of certain hidden camera footage leads viewers to believe that both vessel centers make the same claims and have the same policies, which is a complete and total falsehood (I’ve been to both). My journalism teacher insisted that straight news be based on the unbiased presentation of the facts. If that still rings true, then why weren’t the facts presented in an unbiased manner giving the viewer the opportunity to decide for themselves?

It worries me that our news media has put themselves in a position to be judge and jury when it comes to local Colorado businesses. How scary is it that our local media can subtly (or not so subtly) attack the character of a local business without being held accountable?

How many “real medicines” are you currently taking, how long have you been taking them and how much do they cost each time (including the doc visit)? How are they working out for you? How many side effects do you experience from all the synthetic chemicals you’re polluting your body with? Have they ever “cured” you or do they just “fleece” the problem?
Not only did I watch the spot, but have also been on both sides of the spectrum. I turned to natural healing after many years of being a guinea pig to several doctors and taking “real medicine” that created more problems than the one problem I was trying to “cure”. And guess how they “fleece” the problem of side effects of “real medicine”………………with yet another type of “real medicine” with another long list of ridiculous side effects.

Kitty Roxanna Connell
I am a very satisfied Life Vessel client. Why can I not share my positive experience of healing without jeopardizing the Life Vessel and Gail Lynn? She has NEVER asked me to promote the Life Vessel. Nor has she ever suggested that I exaggerate my experience in any way. In fact, when I offered to be interviewed for this story, I told Gail that I was nervous about being on camera, and she EXPLICITLY said, “Just tell the truth, Kitty.”

For the record, the benefits I have received from the Life Vessel continue to exceed MY OWN expectations, and I am happy to share my story with my friends who are looking for alternative healing modalities. Besides, I think that people have the right to make their own informed healthcare decisions. Too bad that “news” spots like this one insult their viewers with ambush “journalism” and biased information.

Wendy Miller
How dare Channel News 4 try to diminish the business and particularly the lady associate featured in the article and on the “undercover” coverage! C’mon! She simply reverberated what has been told to her or shown to her. If clients had success for whatever physical/mental reasons, GREAT!!! If it was me, I too would tell the business of such success. News 4, in this viewers opinion, failed at reporting this story first by labeling it under “INVESTIGATION” Oooo…. what the heck is there to investigate? The fact that the owner/associate told the stories of success as they were told to her….?!?! She did not say, “Yes, indeed this is proven” no she stated that clients have expressed proven improvement, maybe simultaneously a particular client also started exercising, or engaged in a new relationship, both of which can improve quality of life. Channel 4, have respect for those you report on, just as viewer like myself have respect for you.

I think this is just another story of the Denver media pandering to a populist belief (western medicine is good, alternative medicine is hocus pocus). There are just a couple of things I know well (the good and the bad of the topic) and I have never witnessed the Denver media protray all aspects of a story when it comes to these topics. They make a decision on what will generate the biggest sensationalist headlines, the most viewers and sell the greatest amount of advertising and then run the story to fullfill those objectives. They don’t protray the whole story, just the facts that support their case and leave out those that don’t.

I have witnessed and communicated with the life vessel. Never, not once did they claim to cure or guarantee a cure for anything. It saddens me how powerless we are against a biased media with an agenda ($$$).



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