Eating Seasonally for Optimal Health

by admin on April 22, 2012

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From Vitality Clinic…

Why eat seasonally?

• Keeps us attuned to the Earth, its elements, the cycles of nature, and what is naturally available for the current climate.
• It gets us thinking about gardens and being able to pick our own food
• It’s the most economical diet, you’re not paying top $ for imported fruits/veggies
• You are often supporting local growers and therefore your local economy and community
• Less chemicals, preservatives, dyes, additives that are used to make the fruits/veggies last longer on the shelf and look ripe
• You are eating the most appropriate foods for natural health ie. in summer foods have a moistening, cooling property to combat summer heat

Summer is the time of growth, activity and expansion.

• The warmth of summer requires both a lighter diet and fresher, higher water content foods and isn’t it amazing that those are exactly the foods that nature provides at this time?
• Raw/cold foods are best digested in the hottest climate/during the hottest time of the day with heavier/warmer foods being reduced and eaten when it is most cool
• Increased intake of water, herbal teas and fresh juices are necessary
• Exercise and activity is at its peak and the body will run more efficiently on simpler fuels at this time ie. Slightly reducing intake of animal proteins and fats

Summer Foods to Enjoy

Apricot        Pear        Beans       Lettuce
Avocado      Plum        Beet        Onions
Berries        Tangelo    Bell Pepper    Radish
Cherries    Tropical Fruits    Cabbage    Rhubarb
Grapefruit     Banana    Celery        Spinach
Lemon/Lime  Guava    Chive        Squash (summer)
Melons        Mango    Corn            Turnips
Nectarine     Papaya    Cucumber    Zucchini
Orange        Passionfruit   Carrots    Tomato
Peach        Pineapple    Leeks    Sprouts

*visit to search for foods by month / season.  Very cool!

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