Getting to the root cause of disease…

by admin on May 18, 2012

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Treating anything without treating the cause Is like cutting the dandelion plant at ground level but leaving the root…it will grow back. The period of time it takes for the plant to start growing back is called remission.There are 10 times more bacteria in the healthy human body than there are cells in the body…1.5 trillion bacteria, many of which would be considered “pathogenic” if the person were in an active infectious illness, but which are just part of the 1500 different types of bacteria that are synergistic with us when the integrity and optimum health of the body, mind, and spirit are maintained.

So from this we see that having a given bacteria in your body does not mean you will ever come down with a disease from that bacteria, and we see that if a disease process is occurring, that the root cause is not the bacteria but the imbalance in the body. Therefore, antibiotics without correcting the underlying systemic problems will only “cut the dandelion off at the ground” creating only remission.

If even Borrelia burgdorferi were the cause of disease then many more thousands of people would have Lyme disease, since many people test positive for the bacteria year after year yet never have symptoms and never will as long as they keep their body relatively healthy.

It is believed that there are three or four times the number of people who would test positive to having the bacterium than the number of people who have the Lyme disease.

True healing cannot occur by simply treating the symptoms.

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