How to get rid of emotional trauma…

by admin on May 28, 2012

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This is a post from a doctor friend, but I have successfully used Life Vessel to detox and repair my emotional trauma.   Call if you have any questions.  303-630-9218

Dr. David Jernigan: Health tip of the day: The deep suppression of emotions of deep guilt, shame, and humiliation, often revolving around rape, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and even emotionally charged surgeries often lead to a predictable set of symptoms over time, whether it is experienced by a male or a female.

Interestingly, many people I have treated who have Fibromyalgia, upon being questioned, report a history of these types of traumas.

The symptoms may include one or more of the following, although this list is not exhaustive:

-Muscle of the limbs feel beaten
-Repeated bladder infections
-Honeymoon cystitis (Bladder cystitis that appears in young married women
-Violent outbursts of passion
-Nerve pain in the legs
-Trembling when angry
-Helplessness around emotional challenges
-Behavior is often passive, abrupt, irritable, and quarrelsome
-Dull, sluggish, forgetful mindset
-Tendency to hypochondria
-Pressure headaches from emotions
-Very sensitive as to what others say about them
-Recurrent styes
-Abdominal and stomach pain
-Female pain, worse sitting
-Painful intercourse
-Backache worse in the morning
-Sleepy all day, but sleepless all night with body aches all over
-Perspiration with mental exertion
-Itching but scratching changes the location of the itching
-Weakness and tightness of the muscles

As you can see, the mind and emotions definitely must be addressed in order for optimum health to be restored. Interestingly, most of these symptoms are also common in Lyme disease. Most of these symptoms can be “managed” with symptomatic treatments like anti-inflammatory supplements, massages, meditation, muscle relaxants and painkillers. However, since the CAUSE of these symptoms is the deep suppression of emotional trauma it has to be treated at that level before lasting correction can be experienced.

Talking about these traumas in therapy can help on a certain level, yet does not tend to erase the emotional frequencies stuck in the tissues. All emotions and thoughts are on the ELF range of the electromagnetic spectrum and can get “stuck” in the tissues of the body even after the actual trauma has been forgotten on the mental level.

Nothing addresses this type of problem like homeopathy. It uses energy/frequencies of a plant or substance to erase the cellular memory/frequency of the trauma. For this particular set of problems my favorite remedy is Staphysagria. This remedy is only available from a trained health professional and like any tool, is only as good as the one using the tool. In homeopathy, one can have the correct remedy and the wrong potency and make matters worse.

Lyme, toxins, antibiotics/drugs, environmental stressors, emotional challenges, phases of the moon, changes in weather, candida, are often the “salt in the cut” that makes these symptoms worse, but often they did not CAUSE the problems. Treat the cause and the suffering can be over!

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