Biophoton communications

by admin on June 4, 2012

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Health tip of the day from Dr. Jernigan: Scientists know that the nervous system cannot be what is running everything in your body. Whether you just ate a piece of cheese pizza, or you just got startled, or you went from sea level to thirty- thousand feet in an airplane, or even as the planets are in a different alignment from one moment to the next, you body is having to adapt instantly and correctly. This is what we call “optimum health”, when the body can adapt instantly and correctly to any change in its internal and external environment.

Scientists know that while the nervous system is definitely involved in regulating the body, it moves way too slowly to be what is enabling instantaneous changes. The fastest a nerve impulse can fire is 400 miles per hour, way too slow to be the final answer for how the body is able to adapt.

It turns out that according to scientists like Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD, our body is able to adapt instantly and runs itself via light called “Biophotons”. Compared to the sluggish 400 mph of the nervous system, biophotons move through the body at 670 million mph!

Working to restore the correct movement of the biophoton communications within the body is what the latest breakthrough medical technologies help to facilitate. Look into and

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