Health Tip of the Day – by Dr. Jernigan

by admin on June 21, 2012

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Health tip of the day: Almost 85% of the time, where you feel the pain is not where it is coming from when you just wake up one day with mysterious pain. The pain is being referred from an organ or other problem in your body.

Often when a person is taking antibiotics or other medications that are harmful to the liver the disturbance in the liver refers pain to the right shoulder. The liver is on the same circuit with the rhomboid muscles that are between your shoulder blades and the spine. Anyone who has suffered with this type pain knows it feels like a knife in the back!

The way to address these pains is to support the organ associated with the area that hurts. You can treat the painful area all day and get no relief because the pain isn’t coming from there. Treat the cause and the pain will go away.

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