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by admin on August 14, 2012

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Health tip of the day: If the joints of your spine wont stay in place even after adjustments it is likely due to a circuit problem in the body. Fix the problems in the circuits of the body and the joint will hold its correct position and the associated pain will often instantly go away for good.

Ligaments just hold bones in their general vicinity. Each spinal segment has a matching set of muscles, on the right and left side, that control the position of the bone.

Because each muscle sits on somewhat dedicated electromagnetic circuits in the body, anything that goes wrong in that circuit will cause everything on that circuit to suffer the same fate, including the muscle.

When something on the circuit in your body goes down the muscle on that circuit cannot hold its correct amount of tension/tone. The joint that muscle controls cannot be held in its correct position anymore. This is when the pain sets in.

Good examples of this are low back pain in men and women. The most common sign of a prostate gland problem in men is low back pain and instability in the vertebra of the low back. In women, menstrual and hormonal imbalances aggravate the reproductive organ circuit, which then destabilizes the vertebra of the low back, causing pain.

A person can get adjusted for years without permanent relief because simply pushing the bones into their proper alignment often does nothing to repair what “blew the circuit” in the first place. Even a bad tooth can be blowing a circuit that is causing joint pain. Wherever the problems are in the circuit, and there can be many individual problems along a circuit, they must be identified and addressed before any stability can be expected.

Understanding how everything in the body, mind, and spirit connects together is the uniqueness of the Biological Medicine treatment philosophy.

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