by admin on October 11, 2012

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I found this article online and it really helps explain detox and “side-effects” of energy work.  All my clients will love reading this because most of you have called with questions about these very things.

by Qigong Distant Energy Healing

When feeling bad is good. Many people are reporting the cleansing effects of the energy work. Even though this can be temporarily uncomfortable it is very healing. Every time you cycle through a period of purification you are raising the energetic vibration of your energy system. This can save you many problems down the line.

Colette wrote this the other day “The moment I set the intention to join I feel my body start to buzz in every cell. I also begin to feel like I’ve got a cold coming on and I sleep like I am ill. But by the next week, the changes that have gone on internally begin to manifest externally! It is always so amazing! I am very blessed to be part of this program. Thank you!”

She is writing about what happens after a period of purification. Though it may not feel good at the time it is very beneficial in the healing process. A case of short-term pain for long-term gain. The cleansing process is usually over in 24 hours but can go on a bit longer and it can also be over in an hour or less. Like someone else mentioned it is like a yo-yo effect. One minute you can feel very energized, peaceful, happy and then awhile later you may not feel so good again.

A key in dealing with the uncomfortableness is to accept and surrender to it and don’t fight it. Try and relax into it and gently breathe into the physical or emotional pain. Don’t resist because that only makes it more difficult to release. Much suffering is caused by resistance to what is. Someone suggested be thankful for the healing, which can help you to be more present to it.

You can sometimes feel tired from the energy sessions because your body is using a lot of energy for healing. You can also feel very cold even on a hot summer day. This is a sign you are releasing negative energy from your system. You can also feel very hot as the energy works through the blockages.

Dreams can be very active and vivid as many people have reported. As the energy works in your energy field then repressed emotions and negative thoughts and beliefs can be released from your energy field. When these things are released they percolate up through the mind like a scuba diver’s bubbles coming to the surface of the water and your mind can give it a symbol. If you have frightening dreams just remember that the fear is coming from your own mind and the energy sessions are not causing it, only helping to release what is already present in your energy field.

You can feel more emotional during this time and this is very good because Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that a lot of dis-ease is caused by repressed emotion. So if you are feeling extra emotional recognize it as a good thing. If you are feeling more angry than usual it can be sign of liver detoxification. TCM teaches the liver stores repressed anger. If you feel angry don’t take it out on others, and just be aware of the emotion.

Just keep in mind that all of this is good. If you have anything that concerns you either physically, emotionally, mentally or psychologically then see your doctor or proper health care professional. This spiritual healing work is not a substitute for medical treatment of any kind. I, nor the energy sessions cure, heal, treat, prevent or diagnose dis-ease. The energy sessions may help your energy field to come into balance so that the innate healing ability of the body can heal itself. TCM teaches when the energy in the body is flowing properly then the body/mind can heal itself.

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