A research paper on Life Vessel written for a nursing program

by admin on November 16, 2012

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She got an A!

The Life Vessel

Life Vessel is a patented, 510K FDA cleared non-invasive technology and technique by which Frequency, Vibration, Sound and Light Waves are non-invasively applied to the human body in a resonant chamber, resulting in the body being able to perform its innate Natural Ability to Heal Itself. The Life Vessel, a non bio-chemical option, is a leading technology in the emerging field of whole body frequency, vibration, sound and light waves, known as vibrational medicine. The technology has been out for about 13 years. Many clients have used massage, acupuncture, hyperbaric chamber and others to promote natural healing. Some clients have found The Life Vessel to compliment these therapies and others found The Life Vessel to be the first and only choice for their healing. (McNew)

According to Barry McNew, the founder of the Life Vessel, “The body does not know disease by name.” So regardless of what the health issue is, the Life Vessel detoxifies, relaxes, and de-stresses the body in a way that helps the immune system operate at its maximum level. (Lark) When the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is balanced, it creates millions of new cells every second. The liver can pick out a foreign substance from the blood and destroy it in one hundredth of a second. This happens when the ANS is in a balanced state. Every cell, when given the chance, appears to have the potential to self-correct any dysfunction and disease thus allowing the potential for self-correction in the entire body. Our inborn self-healing mechanisms are greatest when the ANS is balanced. Recent clinical research suggests that the human body, when able to go into a natural state of relaxation and balance can produce dramatic results which allow the body to create natural healing. The Life Vessel leads as one of the newest technologies in the emerging fields of natural healthcare paradigms in the 21st century. The Life Vessel supports the innate self-regulatory and self-healing capacity of the human body. All beings possess the inherent ability to produce wellness and the Life Vessel appears to activate or stimulate this ability.

The protocol for treatment is that every client will need to complete four sessions (a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes) during a three consecutive day period. (One session on day one, two sessions on day two (4 hours apart) and one session on day three). It is recommended that clients take the ANSAR test before and after the 4 sessions to see what changes the treatment has impacted. The ANSAR shows how well the body’s ANS is balanced. (Lynn)

Life Vessel is primarily used for pain, stress, sports injuries, skin care issues and body detoxification. The cost of a session is less than what the average person spends on massage, acupuncture, hyperbaric chamber, etc. The technology is FDA cleared, non-invasive, requires no pills or needles, and is very safe and effective.

While the Life Vessel does not claim to diagnose or ‘treat’ disease, it is a proven technology well beyond what is emerging today. Continued research suggests that the human body, when allowed to achieve a natural state of relaxation and balance, can produce dramatic results in the body for natural healing. The Life Vessel’s ability to balance and relax the body is accomplished by its ability to take the body to a level below the level of consciousness at a conscious state. Taking the body to this level has a direct effect on the whole body including but not limited to:

  • De-stressing the whole body – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Detoxification of the whole body – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Reduce pain
  • Reversal of inflammatory processes
  • Balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the ANS

Clients within the balanced environment frequently report feelings of destressing, wellness, inspiration and creativity. Sometimes they also report enhanced perceptions. It is frequently observed that toxins, such as heavy metals and anesthetics, begin to spontaneously eject from the individual’s body exposed to the Life Vessel environment as observed by concurrent vapor odor and subsequent urinalysis. A common after effect of the exposure of the individual of the balanced environment of music and sound of the Life Vessel appears to be restoration of an innate ability of the individual to heal the self, regardless of the nature of the affliction. (McNew)

According to testimonials from clients who have been treated at Life Vessel of the Rockies in Colorado, it is evident that Parkinson’s Disease, Autism, Diabetes, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Lyme’s Disease, Arthritis, and many more illnesses have been improved or cured with The Life Vessel. Here are a few testimonials of clients who have received treatment from The Life Vessel of the Rockies in Colorado:

“I am thrilled with the results I experienced during my sessions at Life Vessel. My blood pressure and type 2 diabetes showed remarkable improvement after my first session (four one hour treatments). My experience was so exceptional, I signed up for another session (four one hour treatments) and was pleasantly surprised at the further results; much better sleep, no more daily heartburn and other little overall changes for the better in my daily life. I believe in the value of this overall therapy and will continue to use Life Vessel sessions to continue to improve my health and body in the future. I highly recommend this therapy to all and ask everyone to at least try the treatment because they will see amazing changes for the better in their life and health as I did. For anyone who may be skeptical about the value of Life Vessel treatments, I will be happy to speak with them personally. ”Bob Paolini

“We are so excited to share the amazing changes since his Life Vessel treatment two weeks ago. Billy almost immediately started using his words and new ones. He is engaging everyone around him and I mean everyone including strangers, other children, and animals.

We all saw the difference after two treatments just when he walked into the center. He was able to sit and relax. Who knew that would be possible.

Billy’s receptive language is just awesome, he is playing with people he has never played with and everyone who has interacted with us prior to Life Vessel has commented on his new interest in them. His appetite is improved, he is sleeping better and his skin is improved. He understands two and three step requests like “pick up your bowl and bring it to me so you can fill up with your chips”. We are so happy to see Billy jumping, playing and feeling better so quickly. I pray that other families will find this help quickly for their kiddo’s as well.” ~ Autism client from one of the California Life Vessel centers.

“On November 19th, 2010 we drove up to the Denver area for treatment in the Life-Vessel at the Life Vessel of the Rockies clinic. I had been experiencing different medical problems and had minor surgery scheduled so went to detoxify my body and mind. While in the Life Vessel I experienced many different sensations throughout my body. In the days following I had to take an EKG which was diagnosed to be abnormal. I then took a stress test the following Friday which turned out to be normal. Then on December 28, 2010 I went into Dr. Janif a heart specialist and everything was ok. He released me for my minor surgery. It appears that after I was in the Life Vessel my body was resetting myself. I have been experiencing weight loss without changing my diet. This is something that I have tried to accomplish over the past couple of years without success. I have lost approximately 10 pounds since treatment even with the holidays.” ~Deb

4/11/12 “My wife and I flew from the East Coast to do The Life Vessel. We had heard good things and because we both have high stress careers we knew that our bodies were not functioning optimally. I have had problems with my liver for years and I was experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms as well as problems with weight loss. We recommend, and did it ourselves, to have pre blood work as a baseline before using Life Vessel. We also did a pre and post ANSAR test that is offered at the center and we both saw improvement in the results after The Life Vessel. Post Life Vessel blood tests showed my liver results are all normal (which was previously high ALT, AST and Bilirubin) as well as my kidney results (which was low Creatinine). In addition, my triglycerides came back into normal ranges and my platelet count increased more towards the medium range of normal. My glucose dropped slightly and my diabetes symptoms seem to be better. We are planning to go back to use The Life Vessel again to keep things moving in the right direction for better health. There were other changes, but those seemed to be the ones that stood out the most. Also am sure it is all related but after 18 months of my wife and I trying to get pregnant not long after the first visit we finally got pregnant!!!!!”

Terry Grossman, M.D. Medical Director, Grossman Wellness Center wrote “I cannot believe it but I awoke this morning completely free of back pain for the first time in three months after my first Life Vessel treatment yesterday. I have had episodic low back pain for eight years due to a bulging disc and most recently have had pain that has lasted continuously for 12 weeks, the longest bout ever. I have tried Western medicine (anti-inflammatories, muscles relaxants), Eastern medicine (acupuncture, cupping, moxa), alternative hands on-therapies (chiropractic, Feldenkais, craniosacral, Reiki), yet none has brought more than temporary relief.

Mornings are the worst and each day I awaken very stiff and sore, which gradually lessens but never completely resolves. This morning there is no pain whatsoever. I have forgotten what it is like to be free of pain. I can’t wait to get back into the Life Vessel and complete my treatment series. Many, many thanks!”

“By the time I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2007 I had already been in debilitating pain for 4 years. I had seen every Western Medicine doctor I thought could help me and had been dismissed and ridiculed. With the diagnosis came hope that since it had a name, maybe they could help me. I did everything the fibromyalgia specialists told me to do, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on treatments not covered by insurance–and still I was so sick I could not get out of bed and could not take care of my own children. I left a job with short term disability, was refused long term disability payments and returned to work in more pain than ever. In 2012 I was recovered enough that I could return to work, but still taking prescription pain medications at least twice daily and most days 3 times daily. Then I heard of the Life Vessel. I read all I could about it, still didn’t really understand it, but I was impressed by the testimonials of people I knew who had had good results. After receiving one Life Vessel treatment, (Which is 4 sessions over a 3 day period.), I felt better than I had in 10 years. I was able to be up and moving with NO pain most of the time. I was able to be active without a second thought of the pain consequences that would typically hit after activity. Most remarkably, I have only had 4 doses of pain medication since the treatment series nearly 3 weeks ago. I know that people are skeptical of the term “cured”, but what else can it be called when I have had essentially no symptoms in nearly 3 weeks?” Forever Grateful, Danelle Denney, R.Ph.

“Gail, I wanted to share my experience with the Life Vessel. As you know, I have Chronic Lyme’s Disease. Lyme will cause blood and lymph to thicken. The Life Vessel changed my blood and lymph. I could feel it working immediately, during the session it seems like everything started flowing again. I was having peripheral neuropathy, tingling in my arms, fingers, legs and toes. After my Life Vessel session that has gone away. I could tell a huge difference in my energy and clarity. I had Ehrlichia, co-infection, in my eyes and the session killed this organism. It also changed the Lyme bacteria and Lyme Co-infections (including the blood parasite, Babesia) into a form so that I can kill them. I will need to continue with Life Vessel every 3 weeks for 5 months as I am continuing to attack this terrible disease.  Thank you so much for offering this great service here in Colorado.”  ~Kelly Moore

Gail Lynn, director at Life Vessel of the Rockies in Colorado explained that there are Life Vessels in about 10 US cities and some International. She also said that there are no contraindications for this treatment and that The Life Vessel does no harm.  She did say that some clients may experience minor side effects which can be headache and nausea (if the water is not consumed), flu like symptoms happen when the body does a detox, they may be tired when the body is healing, they may have lots of energy because of the body being able to heal, muscle aches can happen when the body is resetting/detoxing, however, everyone is different, but this is what she has heard and experienced with her clients.

The pro of this therapy is that it is non-invasive and has only minor side effects. It is not diagnostic but many people who have had treatments, have had amazing improvement in their health. The only con that I can think of is the cost of the treatment sessions. The treatments are not covered by insurance companies. I imagine though that it would be very worth the expense if clients are able to discontinue some of their medications and cut other healthcare costs.

This treatment will most likely decrease the census in the hospitals if it continues to have a positive effect on clients’ health. Nurses and physicians should be educated about this type of therapy so that they can give their clients information on this effective type of treatment. It is a good idea to have labs drawn by the clients’ health care providers before and after treatment to recognize if there have been any beneficial changes.

I think this is a very good invention because it is non-invasive and hardly has any negative side effects. Clients are encouraged to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing and do not have to undress for the treatment.  I was skeptical of this therapy until I read the information on www.lifevesseloftherockies.com. It makes sense to me that when the ANS is off balance, the body cannot function like it is supposed to. I am excited that The Life Vessel, through frequency, vibration, sound and light, has the ability to balance the ANS. Even though I feel healthy, I am planning on taking the treatments as a possible preventative for future health problems.

Lark, S. (2007, September). Health Strategies That Work. Women’s Wellness Today.

Roy, D. R. (n.d.). Science of Whole Person Healing. First Interdisciplinary International Conference.



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