Liver Damage

How to spot signs of liver damage

by admin on July 9, 2013

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by Derek Henry

(NaturalNews) We’ve become far too reliant on western medicine’s invasive practices to provide feedback to us on how our body is feeling. Instead of looking to medical professionals to tell us how our body is faring, we should pay attention to our body and determine ourselves what it is telling us. An important place to start is the liver, and it always provides unquestionable signs when we are doing it damage.

Signs of liver damage
The liver is a hardy organ and carries much responsibility. It provides us with youthfulness and longevity when it operates effectively, and subjects us to premature aging and shortened life spans when it’s not.

Bottom line, the liver is an organ we should bow to and treat with as much respect as possible. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet has done anything but that.

So how do you know if your liver is crying for help? Here are some visible physical signs:

– Puffiness between eyebrows
– Unable to tolerate cold in winter
– Feel feverish and find summer very uncomfortable
– Hemorrhoids
– Coated tongue
– Bad breath
– Excessive sweating
– Dark urine
– Small red ‘spots’ the size of a pinhead that come and go in various parts on the body
– Skin problems such as eczema, acne, hives, itching, rashes. Skin may have dark pigmentation or spots on face, back of hands, forehead, or around the nose
– Jaundice (yellowing of skin)
– Eye problems (sensitivity to light, moving spots, double vision)
– Whites of eyes become yellow
– Loss of weight
– Obesity
– Sinus and tonsil issues
– Alternating constipation and diarrhea
– Headaches, dizziness, and shivering
– Loss of appetite
– Depression
– Mental outbursts
– Inability to concentrate

How did this liver damage occur?
Since our liver is a large filter, everything we take must pass through it.

– It stores all the remains of drugs, vaccines, birth control, and prescriptions we have taken throughout our entire lifetime
– The fats from dairy and fried foods, as well as flour products, weaken the liver
– Improper food combining
– Lack of sleep and fatigue will also weaken the liver. If you find you are sleepy after eating, and/or feel wide awake at 1 or 2 a.m., you can be assured you have sustained liver damage

How do we heal the liver?
Quite simply, we clean up our diet and lifestyle to avoid toxins present in our food, air, water, and personal care products.

In addition to that, we should also strongly consider:

– Colonics
– Herbs like milk thistle, artichoke leaf, and dandelion leaf
– High quality probiotics
– Daily exercise (walking, yoga, rebounding)
– Resting more (but not immediately after meals)

Also, learn to let go. The emotion of anger is connected to the liver so do not hold in your anger, or relive or feel any anger towards any situation.

So start loving your liver today, and remove all the things that irritate it. Then, you can enjoy that youthfulness and longevity you deserve.

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About the author:
Motivated by his own story of being sick and crippled at age 30 to healthy and pain free 5 years later, Derek is passionate about helping people get on track in a fraction of the time it took him on his own journey. Actively engaged in the research of natural healing for over 5 years, Derek has spent over 2500 hours (and growing) studying and collaborating with top minds in nutrition and utilizes that extensive knowledge to help people overcome their own health challenges. Derek is currently a Master Health Coach and writer of over 200 natural health articles, some of which are featured at his primary website, Derek specializes in specific nutritional and wellness protocols, from simple lifestyle transitions to complete overhauls.

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