Life Vessel helps wound heal making surgery not needed

by admin on December 23, 2013

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Life Vessel Heals woundsPre Life Vessel wound and the ones to follow are after 4 Life Vessel sessions and then 2 weeks after Life Vessel.  Client reported significant healing after starting Life Vessel and oozing stopping and wound sealing itself up quickly.  He is amazed.  Here is his testimonial, “I was in a skiing accident and shattered my left heel.  I ended up needing major surgery to put it all back together.  Then I needed ten and a half weeks to heal the bones enough that I was able to get my cast off and into a walking boot.  But when I got my cast off I still had some pretty nasty surgical wounds to heal.  For four weeks I cared for my wounds according to doctors orders and most everything healed nicely with the exception of a two areas that didn’t seem to be healing at all.

Heal woundsThese areas weren’t infected but they were getting larger and not looking very good, according to my doctors my only option was surgery.  It seemed to my wife and I that additional surgery was not in my best interest.  So we contacted Gail and LVOR per a referral from a family friend, to see if we could get the healing process going in the right direction.  We went in for my first appointment at the beginning of July, 2013. I did the four initial sessions over three days and immediately saw an major improvement with the healing.

I started using the MSP topically as well as orally and did two more sessions over the next two weeks and I’m happy say that three and a half weeks after my fist session one of my wounds has completely healed and the other has decreased in size by two/thirds and is on it’s way to being healed in the next week maybe two.

I would say I was skeptical about LVOR when I first heard about it and I really didn’t know if it would be any help for me.  But I was willing to try and it has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.  It has helped not only heal in a few weeks wounds that would not heal in twelve plus weeks, but my stress/anxiety levels are way down and I feel great.  The whole process has been wonderful and

Gail has been such a great help, I will differently use LVOR again and have recommended it to many friends and family.”  ~Tyson Sillery, Colorado

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