Post image for Life Vessel helped this couple with pre-diabetic symptoms and also fertility

Life Vessel helped this couple with pre-diabetic symptoms and also fertility

by admin on December 24, 2013

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4/11/12: My wife and I flew from the East Coast to do The Life Vessel. We had heard good things and because we both have high stress careers we knew that our bodies were not functioning optimally. I have had problems with my liver for years and I was experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms as well as problems with weight loss. We recommend, and did it ourselves, to have pre blood work as a baseline before using Life Vessel. We also did a pre and post ANSAR test that is offered at the center and we both saw improvement in the results after The Life Vessel.

Post Life Vessel blood tests showed my liver results are all normal (which was previously high ALT, AST and Bilirubin) as well as my kidney results (which was low Creatinine). In addition, my triglycerides came back into normal ranges and my platelet count increased more towards the medium range of normal. My glucose dropped slightly and my diabetes symptoms seem to be better. We are planning to go back to use The Life Vessel again to keep things moving in the right direction for better health. There were other changes, but those seemed to be the ones that stood out the most.

Also am sure it is all related but after 18 months of my wife and I trying to get pregnant not long after the first visit we finally got pregnant!!!!!

UPDATE 5/6/12: Here is little Life Vessel Ryan.  He was born at the end of April.  Congratulations guys!  We love you.  See you soon! 

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