Life Vessel Helps with mild discomfort and ill-health for a 70 year old

by admin on December 26, 2013

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I am 70 years old. I enjoy reasonably good health for my age,however, I have experienced several areas of mild discomfort and ill-health.

The results of the Life Vessel thus far have been impressive. Instead of waking up 4-7 times a night I now awaken 1-3 times. Eczema outbreaks in my feet and left hand have almost disappeared. My mild symptoms of depression have decreased. Occasionally in the past I have experienced some back discomfort and now this discomfort is mostly gone. For two decades I have had dark circles under my eyes and those have considerably lessened. The skin on my face is much more alive and robust. Varicose veins that I have had, although not painful, were somewhat unsightly, and they have almost disappeared.

Gail and Tracy have created a center of comfort, caring, and friendliness. They are both very knowledgeable about holistic healing.

I recently had a vacation in Georgia. I woke up at 6AM Eastern standard time which began my travel day home. After a 1 1/2 trip to the airport, two flights and three airports later I arrived in Denver at 5:30 PM. Upon arrival at my Denver area home I discovered my furnace was not working. After dealing with that issue and getting the house warm enough to go to bed, it was 2AM Eastern time. What amazed me I was not even tired. In the past with the same situation I would have been exhausted.

I had been noticing that my body was getting stronger, but it was this long day and my stamina in dealing with it that demonstrated to me that the Life Vessel is helping me to grow stronger.

Thanks to you, Gail, for having the courage and risk taking necessary to start the center and give the opportunity for healing.

I very highly recommend the Life Vessel of the Rockies for the healing of your body.” ~Joanne C.

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