After my first session it was crystal clear the life vessel had a huge impact on detoxing my body

by admin on January 14, 2014

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“I cannot testify any stronger. I recently had trauma to my right eye, resulting in a droopy eye that would not open all the way.  Being a rather vain person and being that your eyes are the window to your soul I have been emotionally frustrated with the healing process.  I also have been struggling physically as keeping the eye open was hard and draining. I found myself exhausted at the end of each day. I was anxious because my doctor could not give me a firm time line as to when I could expect the swelling to go down and the eye to return to normal. I was extremely concerned it would take weeks to possibly months. When I scheduled my sessions in the life vessel I came optimistic but also a bit scared I might not have the miraculous results I was praying for. After my first session it was crystal clear the life vessel had a huge impact on detoxing my body. I felt much better physically a few hours after the first session. I had a strange taste in my mouth I can only attribute to the detox.  After my second day and the two treatments there was a visible change in my eye! I was hoping that I wasn’t willing this as I wanted it so desperately but it was clear a change had occurred. Although my eye was not completely healed I felt confident that my body was working with the life vessel sessions to expedite the healing process, it was all very uplifting. My final treatment proved to be the best for me physically. About 2 hours later my eye felt 90% normal! This is in three days! I am simply blown away. Like I said I was optimistic about results but I tried to be rational. The treatments far exceeded my expectations and I am such a proponent!

The most important aspect for me was my emotional state. I did not have a life threatening illness but I was traumatized by how helpless the doctor made me feel about my recovery. I was simply told “time” was what it would take. The life vessel option gave me some much needed hope. It was a way for me to be proactive in my healing process. This was very empowering and was the emotional boost I needed to gain a positive perspective. I cannot imagine how people must feel that deal with far greater illnesses and physical issues. The life vessel was not only healing for me physically it put me emotionally where I needed to be to make the most of my healing.

Gail, you were so supportive and knowledgeable throughout this process. I believe in you and am so appreciative of the work you do for others. I will stay connected and look forward to a long relationship with the life vessel. My journey with my injury is at an end but I just started my journey to a healthy life style thanks to you and the life vessel.”


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