ANSAR Testing by Life Vessel is Helpful

by admin on January 4, 2014

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“The Life Vessel folks typically do a pre and post Life Vessel series test using the ANSAR test. This is a well-known, FDA approved test that cardiologists and other MDs use. By doing a pre and post ANSAR, you can determine if there was real value for what you did in the Life Vessel.

In fact, when my wife did the test, the nurse “flagged” it, suggesting there were some abnormalities that should be checked out right away. She recommended my wife immediately get an echocardiogram from her primary care physician.

I personally did a series of 4 sessions with a pre and post ANSAR also. My pre looked pretty good, but my post looked VERY good. That’s enough to show me that the Life Vessel experience is much more than just relaxation.

By the way, there were no particular promises made before I did any of it.” ~Ed Oakley

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