Everything FLOWED smoothly after the Life Vessel

by admin on January 14, 2014

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“Wow, it was even more wonderful than I imagined! The music, lights and vibrations created a magical, deeply spiritual, healing experience. I can’t describe in words how awesome it was, but I’ll try! I felt like I was back in the Sedona energies feeling safe, loved and invigorated.  It’s a very simple looking device, but there’s definitely more to it than just lights and music. It’s a vessel with a thin soft pad on the bottom and a multi-colored light bulb surrounded by little mirrors above your face. The beautiful Heavenly music is like nothing I’ve ever heard in my life…except maybe in Heaven! I don’t know how they do it, but the music vibrates under the mattress as if the speakers were in the bed itself (which I’m sure they are).  After 5 minutes, I felt invisible hands gently caressing the top of my hands and arms. Then I’d feel different muscles contract in my back, and then sometimes it would feel like someone touching the top of my head. Very strange, but wonderful.

When I got out of the “Life Vessel” I noticed that the wart on one of my finger had turned completely black (it fell off the next day).  I’ve had that stubborn wart for years and nothing could get rid of it!  I also noticed that my anxiety was completely gone, so I slept great that night and every night since my treatment.  I also have more color in my face and seem to already have a reduced appetite and an increased thirst for water.  I’m sure I’ll notice more and more improvements as time goes on, so I will be sure and notate everything to share later.  What’s also interesting is that there was a huge traffic jam on my way to the place, and I was so frustrated and frazzled about being late that I started hyperventilating while I was driving there.  It took me almost 2 whole hours to get there!  But after my session, I drove back home during Rush Hour and got home within 25 minutes. I did not hit one red light even ONCE on the way home!  Everything FLOWED smoooothly.  It was as if I was in 3D on the way there, but was in 5D on the way home.”

~Jan Claire

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