I am thankful for what the Life Vessel has done for my two precious little angels

by admin on January 14, 2014

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“November 1, 2010 I walked my two boys into Life Vessel of the Rockies today. I must say emotions were flowing all day long from the moment I received the unexpected call from Gail and Barry asking if we could please come in. We felt so grateful that we could be available to come in today, and to give the physician a hands on experience. From the moment that I visited the Life Vessel of the Rockies that previous Saturday, I knew in my heart that we were going to help Jacob and Cody somehow.  My heart was open to receive whatever came our way. Anything from where we are is going to be a benefit. The heart of the Life Vessel of the Rockies Clinic is unique in nature, and one of the most peaceful places to seek help for a situation that seems hopeless. As I watched my two precious little angels receive their treatment, I was overwhelmed with an emotion almost unexplainable. I somehow knew that whatever was happening in that chamber was helping them.  My little Jacob actually got upset because he didn’t want to get out yet. I invite all skeptics big and small to the Life Vessel Clinic. This is just something you will have to see for yourself. I hope this comment will bring enlightening to those that read it, as well as assist the clinic in bringing awareness to this worthy cause in advanced medicine. Gail and Barry you have made a lasting impression in my heart!”

~Dawn Wanser

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