Life Vessel has assisted with how my body is responding to medication and treatment

by admin on January 4, 2014

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“I’m feeling very thankful tonight. I saw the oncologist today, and he said a lot of good things. He said I was way beyond the statistical averages for the length of time I’ve been responding to the medication and remaining better than stable. I have always prayed that God will light my path to healing (even though I’ve been told that healing is not medically possible). God has guided in me in so many ways. He has brought so many people into my life who are helping me on this journey. My huge prayer support group…many who’s names I don’t even know. My medical team. My holistic doctor, my massage therapist, and Gail Lynn. This is not an easy journey. I never would have chosen this path, but it has been a profound, life-changing experience in good ways when it comes to seeing the beauty in people and the grace of God. Since I cannot change the circumstances, I can instead be thankful for the people who are riding this wave with me. Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings…flying me up to those mountain tops. I love you all.” ~Renae

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