My Life Vessel Sessions Helped me with Public Speaking

by admin on January 8, 2014

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Public Speaking Testimonial – “Saturday the universe brought before me a speaking opportunity. My biggest fear plopped right down in front of me for the second time this year. This time I faced up to the challenge. I didn’t loose sleep, stress out, sweat under my arm pits or run away from the opportunity. I actually faced it & did it!!! This is a huge personal triumph for me.

Speaking in public was so stressful for me in the past. Just getting up & reading prepared passages at a family funeral would cause me to shake & tremble. I had to decline a wonderful opportunity earlier this year to speak at an event because the stress just thinking about it was unbearable.

I really feel like the experience I had in the Life Vessel released some blocks, fears & anxieties that were keeping me stuck.” ~Tracy C., Washington

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