My Life Vessel Treatments helped me recover from an accident and be able to focus and work again

by admin on January 14, 2014

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“My experience with the Life Vessel has been so very powerful. In Feb. 2006, I was stopped at a traffic light and was rear-ended by an elderly driver going approx. 30 mph and the impact first pushed my mini-van forward into the car in front of me and that impact slammed me again. I now know that I had a head-injury but my doctor (at that time) did not diagnose the problem. I found myself unable to focus or work. Since my doctor didn’t have a solution for me (and I wasn’t able to fully verbalize what my internal experience was), I decided to try the Life Vessel. Immediately following my first 4 treatments, I was able to work about half time. After a second visit to the Life Vessel a few months later, I was able to work full time. I have just recently had another session at the Vessel and find that I am detoxing chemicals that nothing else (juice-fasting, colonics, etc.) has been able to help me to do. It also de-stresses me like nothing else.

I am very grateful to finally have the Life Vessel of the Rockies here in Colorado!”

~Abby Rohrer

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