My Life Vessel treatments helped my broken ankle heal much faster and helped my Hashi-Moto disease improve

by admin on January 14, 2014

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“I first went to Life Vessel of the Rockies (now Life Center) Dec 10, 2010 for my first set of sessions. I broke both sides of my ankle the end of Sept 2010, and had surgery Oct. 6. I was using a walker and in a cast-boot, not putting pressure on my foot. I began using an oversize athletic shoe 3 weeks later, but still using a walker.

I couldn’t tell if anything was happening, but signed up for another set of sessions. I didn’t do any physical therapy, but my doctor didn’t notice because the Life Vessel was helping it just as much or more than PT. When I had the surgery, my doctor said it was like inserting the screws in wet wood, but my bone density had improved a little by January.

Just a few days ago I had x-rays taken and the doctor said every bone was healed plus the bone density was amazing. He said many of his patients in their 20′s don’t heal as fast as I have! I am months ahead of many people much younger than I. (I am considered a senior citizen).

After my surgery the doctor said he could not remove the hardware before 10 months, probably the first part of Aug., now he is going to do it April 15!

I was also diagnosed with Hashi-Moto 1 year ago, an adrenal-thyroid condition classified as auto-immune disease, and incurable. My energy level had been declining for many years and no one had an answer. I had insomnia, I couldn’t sit down or read without going to sleep-I also was unable to heal connective tissue using Prolo Therapy. Everything was a struggle, I felt like a helium balloon about to crumple on the ground. I was put on a very strict food program which I stuck to religiously. I have now added small amounts of forbidden foods with NO adverse results. I am also sleeping, reading and have the energy to begin catching up on projects that I couldn’t do for years. I have enthusiasm to do things now.

I have a sense the Life Vessel is also responsible for my dealing with stressful situations and not so emotionally charged by events in the world, and with people. Hard to prove, but I feel I have detoxed on several levels.

I hope to continue and see more changes from the Life Vessel…I so appreciate and thank the staff who have followed up between sessions and care about each of their clients. They are very well-versed in healing and taking care of our own person vessels. It is a wonderful, amazing experience.”

February 23rd, 2011, Elizabeth

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