My sleep has improved greatly

by admin on January 14, 2014

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“I have just had my first four visits to the Life Vessel.  I had originally set the appointment to go with my daughter who has Lyme’s Disease.  She couldn’t go so I went ahead and had my appointments.  I hadn’t really thought about what it would do for me, I was just concerned about her.  My sleep quality was terrible.  I have a “Sleep Application” on my phone that I use every night.  I log in various information from my day.  My sleep quality is usually between 50 % and 70%.  If I reach 70% I feel lucky.  The first night after my first LV session my sleep quality was 96%.  My husband was worried about me in the morning because I wasn’t awake and he checked on me.  I was still sound asleep at 6 am and didn’t wake up until 7:30 which is a miracle.  The second night my sleep quality was 99%.  I didn’t wake up once.  I feel so blessed and can’t wait to see what tonight brings after my last session.  Another funny thing happened this afternoon when I came home.  My 21 year old daughter looked at me and said “Mom, you are glowing”.  Well, now I wonder if that is from the LV?  I am very anxious to get my daughter here and to come back.  Thank you.”

Julie Barrette

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