Thankful that my doctor recommended I try the Life Vessel for my Lyme Disease

by admin on January 4, 2014

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“I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after several years of compromised immune function and fatigue bordering on exhaustion. Since my doctor determined that conventional antibiotic treatment was not an option for me, I began alternative therapies, and although I didn’t get worse, I also didn’t get any better. Eventually I was blessed with a doctor who recommended that I try the Life Vessel. Greatly encouraged by this, I asked my other health practitioners to evaluate my physical response to the treatment. They found that I had gone from being overwhelmed by Lyme to having the Lyme back under control. My energy was back, and I could function again.

Now my dad, who also has Lyme, has gone through a round of four Life Vessel treatments. In his case it has already seemed to eradicate parasites that were giving him trouble.

Now we are working on healing from the damage that the Lyme has caused. We are very grateful to have found this treatment; I am telling everyone I know who has Lyme, in the hope that they can find benefit from it too.”

~ Rulane

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