The Life Vessel has helped our Dad with Lewy Body Disease

by admin on January 4, 2014

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“Our dad/husband had been struggling for 3+ years with Lewy Body Disease and dementia. We felt that the medical team could not help him anymore. We were searching for any hope when my sister heard about the Life Vessel of the Rockies. We had absolutely nothing to lose, so we contacted Gail to set up his first four sessions. The staff at the Life Vessel were amazing. They treated him with respect. They were kind compassionate and patient. During our journey we met Barry, the inventor of the Life Vessel. His knowledge was amazing and his compassion and concern for our family was heartwarming. After just four one-hour sessions of The Life Vessel we notice remarkable and exciting changes in his motor skills and speech abilities. He started walking better instead of shuffling. The most impressive improvement was his ability to complete sentences with his joking personality that we all knew and loved. He hadn’t spoken clearly in months and the words he said seemed to come out all out of order. After the third treatment he actually spoke again! Best of all it all made sense! Thanks to the Life Vessel his quality of life had improved.

We did lose our dad/husbands to this disease however, we believe the Life Vessel actually made the end of his life better. Most patients with Lewy Body Disease have anxiety, restlessness and anger issues. We noticed a remarkable improvement with these symptoms. Life Vessel definitely helped our dad and we would recommend the Life Vessel to others.”  ~Sincerely, The Martinez Family

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