The Life Vessel was a turning point in my healing process

by admin on January 14, 2014

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“I was in a car accident rendering my body so stiff and full of pain it made it difficult for me to walk and work. Being diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as scoliosis of the spine is a challenge as well.  Not wanting to be on pain pills and muscle relaxers because they can be so addicting, I wanted something to heal me, not mask over the symptoms of pain.  Gail Lynn was so enthusiastic about the Life Vessel, I had to try it.  The life vessel was a very relaxing experience, the light and sound vibration was so refreshing.  Time alone inside the vessel was priceless!  To have an hour by myself without interruptions to focus on my own health and healing with the help of the beautiful music and rainbow lights made me feel as if I were visiting heaven on earth.  I am a spiritual person, so for me it connected the spirit, soul and body to harmonize together and expedite the healing process.  I continue to see my doctors and physical therapists, they are amazed at the progress of my healing from the car accident.  Even the physical therapist asked me if I thought that the life vessel was a “turning point” in my healing process? Of course it was!  Thank you Gail, your Life Vessel really is a gift of healing. I look forward to returning to perfect health and maintaining a lifestyle with drinking more water, exercising and telling others to go to the Life Vessel!”


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