Would you change the ingredients of a perfect cake?

by admin on April 19, 2014

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You are tasked with making your daughter’s wedding cake and you have the recipe for the perfect cake that your mom made for you and her mom made for her and so on and so on…

Would you leave out, add or modify an ingredient and take the chance of ruining the cake for your daughter’s wedding????   I assume the answer is NO!  Not just NO, but heck NO!   Right?

Answer this question for me then…why do people do that with their own health and healing?   I am sure this applies for more than just Life Vessel, but that’s what we do so that’s what we know.

This technology has been proven to work with the protocol.  Over and over and over and over (well, you get the drift) clients see results and feel better after doing Life Vessel.  So why do clients change the ingredients and add things, modify the protocol on their own and take out ingredients of this perfect cake?

Even after you might think you did enough sessions to slack on the water and diet…don’t!   Just like the above example about the cake, it does not matter how many time you make the cake you will ALWAYS follow the sam recipe…it does not change just because it’s been made 100 times.

We know this works!   Please don’t change the ingredients of our perfect cake.  🙂

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