Interested in Purchasing Life Vessel and Opening your own center?

by admin on May 8, 2014

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Purchasing a Life Vessel or Opening a Life Vessel Center

If you are interested in purchasing a Life Vessel please contact Gail at 303-630-9218 or use the contact form below to submit your information.   Life Vessel centers are available is most states and major U.S cities.   We do have financing for those interested in buying / purchasing a Life Vessel.

Life Vessel of the Rockies is an independently owned and operated center.  We work with Barry McNew, the inventor, on Life Vessel sales and marketing.  There are Light Vessel and Life Force centers who are selling units and are not associated with Barry McNew.  It is our recommendation that interested persons educate themselves before buying these units because they are not the original design of Mr. McNew and may not produce the same results as the original Life Vessel.  Also, we do not know who is training the operators to operate these units and what they are being told about the protocol.  This is something you will want to inquire about and be sure you are getting the original design and manufacturing as well as proper training based on Barry McNew’s design and

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