Migraines, faster healing and fear eliminated!

by admin on May 25, 2014

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I’ve been going to the vessel for close to a year.  After battling a migraines most of my life (the past year experiencing one to two migraines a week), and after an MRI concluded that nothing was wrong, I tried the Life Vessel as an alternative route.  Since going to the vessel, not only have I not had any migraines but I have noticed so many other benefits and improvements in my body.  In the last fourteen years, I have undergone six surgeries (2 c-sections, 2 bunionectomies, ACL reconstruction and a total hip replacement).  All of these surgeries caused major stress on not only my body, but my mental well-being.

Currently at 44 years old, I feel I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been. My surgeon is amazed at how fast my healing has progressed in a short time. This in turn has increased my confidence level, which has always been an issue.  Public speaking was not even considered as the fear of getting up in front of people would send my heart racing.  I’ve always been shy by nature and known as the “quiet one”.  in the past few months, I’ve noticed this fear has dissipated and I am more open to talk to people, which in turn seems to be drawing more people to me. I teach a fitness class and have noticed my classes have been growing in size.  I gave a speech last month at my sister’s birthday party to 60 guests, and I had no hesitation or fear.  My friends and family have noticed that I have “changed” for the better and notice I am a new person. It is an overwhelming sense of freedom.  Freedom of fear, freedom from the pain and long recovery of each of those surgeries,  freedom to  allow myself to speak out, and freedom of denying myself the chance to live a life free of guilt.   I feel I understand people better, especially those that have hurt me; I see them in a different light.  I feel that I am allowed to love myself and still love others at the same time.

Each time in the vessel is a different experience – sometimes it’s physical, sometimes emotional, but the times that I feel that nothing happened or I didn’t feel anything, is the times I know that the vessel is doing the most work because those are the sessions that have given me all of the above freedoms.  I know those freedoms are going to change the course of my life for the next 44 years and I’m looking forward to those journeys and now look forward to the future ~ without fear.

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