What is Vibrational Healing?

by admin on July 10, 2014

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This explanation was sent to me from a client.  It might help other to understand the type of healing we do at Life Vessel (and so much more).  “In general a vibrational healing is a way to remove energy blocks from your subtle energy field that are causing disruption in the natural flow of life force through your physical and subtle bodies. When life force is flowing into your system from the Divine source that animates all life in the universe, it sometimes becomes obstructed by one’s traumas that can cause the negative thoughts and emotions like fear, shame, and unworthiness. These thoughts cause energy blocks and imbalances in the flow of one’s life force. Because energy is the basis of all material manifestation, when one’s life force is repeatedly disrupted it causes a dissonant pattern that creates mental, emotional and physical imbalances to manifest on the material level.

Everyone experiences that when life force is flowing smoothly from source into your life, things go well, success is available, activity is supported. When there life force is not flowing smoothly from source, problems show up either in relationships, health, finances, self value or all of these. When the blocks are dissolved at the energy level one’s life comes back into balance and one is again centered and whole.”

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