Thermal imaging improvement!

by admin on November 8, 2014

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I started at Life Vessel after a referral from another “alternative” practitioner.  I have not been diagnosed with any illness, my goal is to be preventive and improve my health before something major happens.  So, saying that, I have been using Life Vessel for about 2 years now.  I use the monthly membership and I have done the “sets” several times.  Through thermal imaging, I learned that my lymphatic system was quite plugged up, something that Barry McNew also confirmed. I have been working hard for over a year to get it functioning again before it caused any other issues with my health.  Gail has helped me with this, and I had another appointment for thermal imaging last month. Comparing those images with the images 18 months ago was like night and day. My lymphatic system is draining and functioning!!  I’ll continue on my path to be proactive, something I am also trying to instill in my children.  They have also experienced Life Vessel many times, and my hope is they will continue to take care of themselves, acting proactively,  throughout their lives. And, if I do experience any disease, Life Vessel will be the first place I start to combat it.  ~Lynne

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