Trigeminal Neuralgia / Chronic Pain / PTSD

by admin on March 16, 2016

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After my first set of treatments, I felt emotionally and energetically better than I
have in many years.  It seemed like the trauma and brain injury from my car accident
was completely gone. I felt like “ME” again. I would have been satisfied with that,
it felt so good to be able to get through the day without being exhausted!
But after the second set another whole level of healing occurred.  Since a family members suicide attempt and shooting 12 years ago, I have been carrying PTSD.   I now feel joy and passion for my own life again! I really didn’t think it was possible!
But there is more……..I have been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for 2 years –
constant shooting pain on the right side of my face that has limited my ability to talk, eat and smile.
The doctors said I was facing lifelong medication or brain surgery- not a happy prognosis. After the second 
treatments, the pain became worse for a few days. I was so happy about my other results, I really didn’t care.
The detoxing from the treatments continues on for 21 more days. Last week I noticed that the pain in my face
had completely disappeared!  No drums, no bugles – it was just gone!  I am pain-free and I can smile again!

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