Seizures and seizure meds no more…

by admin on April 6, 2016

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My experience with Life Center and my seizures happened over 1 to 1 ½ years of regular use.  When I started session my grand mal seizures were very severe and my recovery time (both physically and mentally) was long.  Originally I would have 8-10 hours notice before a seizure hit.  My main warning signal was a very specific type of severe headache.  During the year and ½ or so of treatment my warnings gradually changed.  About every 2-3 months something would shift.  After about a year or so, my warning had completely shifted away from major headaches to something way more subtle (i.e. tripping, stubbing my toes, jamming my fingers, fatigue, confusion at times, and dropping things).
Originally my seizures lasted 2-3 minutes and involved a very stiff body posture resulting in severe muscle strain.  After the session, my seizures only lasted 20-45 seconds and the only part of my body that would stiffen and seize was the abdomen area.  Originally, I would pull literally every muscle in my body and it would take a month or 2 for that pain to go away.  After the sessions my abs were the only muscles I pulled and it only took a couple days for the pain to go away (more like a normal muscle pull).  Before the sessions it could take up to 3-4 months for me to get back to my normal concentration rates and memory after a seizure.  After it only took between 2-4 weeks at the most. 
The changes happened slowly over time.  But it was very consistent that every 2-3 months, something major would change.  With the session I was able to get off traditional medication. 

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