How can Energy Genesis help marriage and relationships?

by admin on June 22, 2016

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From a client that did sessions as couples and their story of what happened to them as a result: “Energy Genesis has done wonders for my husband and I. We already had past experience with the Life Vessel when we worked on an addiction problem a few years ago. The set of sessions, combined with another alternative healer, was a vital part in working out the addiction to alcohol and quitting with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

Almost a year ago, I had revealed to my husband about my infidelity. We knew that was going to take a lot of work on both our parts if we wanted to heal from this and move forward in our lives. We both were coming from the same philosophy, whether we stayed together or not, we had to find forgiveness and peace within ourselves before moving on. There was a lot of hurt, anger, disbelief, fear, and pain, but we had been married for many years with a family and had loved each other and wanted to find an answer. My first thought was of the Energy Genesis. I called Gail the next day and she was very accommodating. Gail was very excited that she was able to put us in the Energy Genesis as a couple. We first did the 3 day sessions and have gone for a “Re Boot” session about every 4 to 6 weeks. 

We have had about 10 session in all so far. We both have felt a deep healing within, images of the both of us dancing, and the unexplained feeling of closeness when we get out of the Genesis machine. We have always laid in it with our hands held and are able to see each others eyes in the mirrors. I cannot exactly explain the feeling of both of our energies twisting and dancing together making our relationship stronger and yet our self identities as individuals has also grown much stronger. It feels to me, and to my husband, as if the Genesis assists in making us more whole, through energy, thus giving us a better understanding of ourselves and of the other person.

We are still together and have done other things to help heal ourselves and our marriage but I accredit the Energy Genesis to knitting our deeper energetic selves together. It feels as though “it” wants to help us at whatever level we are willing to let it happen.

I believe it can help all relationships not just marriages. I even sent our daughter and her boyfriend to it for a Christmas gift. They are not having any problems in their relationship but they were excited on how it left them feeling afterwards and want to have a session anytime that they are back in Colorado.

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