What is GDV Imaging and how can it help you in health?

by admin on July 26, 2016

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The GDV Camera, created by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, is the first device in the world, which measures the distribution of the energy level of different objects, both living and inanimate. It is based on the well-known “Kirlian effect” / aura reading. The Russians have been using this technology for the last 20 years. They have the foresight to recognize that health is not just matter alone but that energy plays a significant role when attempting to understand the health and functioning of a human being. Over time it was determined that the GDV Camera was approximately 80% or more accurate when compared with MRI’s and CAT Scans. This is why it has been used now in Russian Hospitals since 2001.

GDV allows you to quickly and easily pinpoint which areas to focus on so you feel incredible without wasting any time on trial and error. Now you can rapidly identify areas in your body that need attention. Allowing you to get in front of your health instead of reacting to disease and sickness after it occurs.

By removing any guesswork from the process, within about ten minutes you’re able to see images of exactly where the blockage is and whether it’s stored as emotional or physical trauma. It’s quick, easy, and most importantly it works.

Within just a few minutes you’ll learn:

  1. Where in your body / organs you have blockages.
  2. Where your body is storing physical and emotional trauma. Sometimes it’s a surprise, but mostly you will just be affirming what you know.
  3. What areas of your body / organs are the most unbalanced
  4. What areas of your body are truly balanced and doing well

When your body is out of balance, the energy discharge captured will be rough and irregular. Those rough and irregular patches tell us where your body has trapped physical or emotional trauma and to what degree it’s a problem (acute, chronic, etc) in your life.

If you’re already dealing with a problematic medical issue, the GDV camera sessions could be an invaluable resource for you. Allowing you to better understand where you are today and as a tool to help you monitor your progress and healing.

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