Are Orgone Pyramids / Orgonite objects right for you?

by admin on September 9, 2016

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This is a little out there in the energy world for most.  However, I have a client base that’s going to really appreciate this information and will find it helpful and eye-opening.

Here is my story.  I acquired a total of 4 Orgone Pyramids over the years.  They were made by two people.  I have tested them and have had them tested and I had to remove two from my surroundings and destroy them due to them giving off inappropriate energy.  One was made by one person and the second one I had to destroy was made by the person who made a total of 3 for me.  I don’t profess to understand energy and I KNOW that most people really don’t understand it.  My opinion would be that the one I had to destroy was made on a day he was in a bad mood or in a negative environment.  The energy of it is just bad yet the other two tested fine.  However, one of the other two tested fine for me but not for others.  So, that’s a challenge in itself.  He made that one for me with my “stuff”.  My horse’s hair, a pendent I gave him, some rocks from my travels, etc.  Therefore it makes sense it’s fine for me, but not for others.  I hope I am making some sense.

Below is an article that can explain more for you, but I will leave you with this thought from the article.  “if you yourself, spiritually, have pledged allegiance to, made contracts with, or are still subject to past life agreements —those same energies will become incorporated into your orgone device.”

I am not sure there are very many people on the planet that are NOT here to complete agreements or karmic journeys.   I believe the second pyramid I had to destroy was riddled with the energy from the person who made it and all his “baggage”.   When I first purchased it I remember I was unable to sleep so I put it off in a corner and there it sat until I got rid of it years later. I wish I would have had this knowledge sooner.

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