From the Medical Profession

Healing Success – Scientific

by admin on February 28, 2017

“Gail’s Life Center offers a unique, very well researched, and effective healing modality. Gail’s deep understanding of the quantum realm, and her compassion for her clients, makes her an intrinsic part of the clients’ healing process. Recent research findings demonstrate that how physicians deliver or explain the healing solution plays a critical part in the […]

Thank to Gail Lynn, I had the opportunity to experience Energy Genesis. The experience for me was “subtle”. There is something about being in an enclosed Vessel with full spectrum lights and music that is special. On one level just being in an enclosed safe place without distractions is like a mini-retreat. If this were […]

“One of the most remarkable findings so far is a 95% reduction in Parkinson’s tremor after just two treatments”.  ~Norm Shealy, MD Read more in Dr. Norm Shealy’s newsletter

Better than massage…calm and clarity.

by admin on September 8, 2014

“Gail is amazing. I always learn so much from her and leave with calm clarity and greatly reduced body aches. LV beats any massage hands down! Thanks for your great service to humanity.” ~Katie Young, P.A.

“Overall, our independent research shows that Life Vessel therapy can help one’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) to normalize, and follow-up reports from patients suggest that the effects of this therapy can be long term. ANS monitoring shows that there is an autonomic effect associated with Life Vessel therapy that seems to help contribute to the […]

“Patients of mine have been using the services of the Life Vessel since 2005. Last year the Life Vessel of the Rockies opened up in the Denver area which meant that patients would not have to go out of state to take advantage of this cutting edge program of health restoration.  The technology is based […]

Positive Reports from a Doctor

by admin on January 8, 2014

For the past 8 months I have been a medical resource for Life Vessel of the Rockies.  I have had many positive reports from Gail of the healing that is taking place in the lives of many people who come to the Life Vessel.  As a medical doctor, I highly recommend this form of natural […]

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The Life Vessel for Detox

by admin on December 24, 2013

[The Life Vessel is]…extraordinary in being able to help with detoxification and with, as I see, making our cells more intelligent or increasing our body’s inner healing intelligence…It has a profound effect on the body and that’s why we see effects in every aspect of the physiology.  – Christine Horner, MD  

Free of Back Pain after the Life Vessel

by admin on December 24, 2013

Hi Gail, I cannot believe it but I awoke this morning completely free of back pain for the first time in three months after my first Life Vessel treatment yesterday. I have had episodic low back pain for eight years due to a bulging disc and most recently have had pain that has lasted continuously […]

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I had more energy and stamina after Life Vessel

by admin on December 21, 2013

After my life vessel treatments I noticed immediately that I had a lot more energy and stamina.  I am an avid runner, cyclist, hiker, skier, etc. I pretty much love to do anything physical that can be done outdoors.  Prior to the treatments I had always struggled with getting out of bed in the morning due […]