Lyme Disease

“I have been sick for about 12 years. The Life Vessel has been the first treatment I have tried that has brought positive results so quickly and so dramatically. In January, 2011, I underwent a full physical with extensive blood work. The results of the blood work showed the following (from January 21, 2011): WBC- […]

“I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after several years of compromised immune function and fatigue bordering on exhaustion. Since my doctor determined that conventional antibiotic treatment was not an option for me, I began alternative therapies, and although I didn’t get worse, I also didn’t get any better. Eventually I was blessed with a doctor […]

Improved Lyme Disease and improved clarity

by admin on December 24, 2013

“Gail,  I wanted to share my experience with the Life Vessel. As you know, I have Chronic Lyme’s Disease. Lyme will cause blood and lymph to thicken. The Life Vessel changed my blood and lymph. I could feel it working immediately, during the session it seems like everything started flowing again. I was having peripheral neuropathy, tingling in my […]