Professional Growth

From stuck to running a business and more…

by admin on September 23, 2014

“I found my experience at Life Vessel of the Rockies to be very helpful in moving me from stuck to running my own business and pursuing dream of swimming in the Olympics.” ~Allyndra

Increase in consciousness (pre and post map)

by admin on February 15, 2014

From a client that shared her HUGE improvement in consciousness from a single set of Life Vessel sessions. People often say they don’t feel anything physical changing, but what does it feel like to increase your consciousness so dramatically? Sometimes things are more subtle. Everything is above the neutral line after Life Vessel. Testing done […]

“I had a wonderful experience with my treatment in the Life Vessel and I would definitely recommend giving this a try. Not only did I feel deeply relaxed and refreshed during the treatment, the effects on my mood and feeling of well being continue to last. After almost three weeks I am still feeling great […]

“Although the United Negro College Fund had it right with the fact that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, I seriously doubt that they knew the real depth of their famous slogan.  No one really knows but, some claim that the human brain contains about 50 billion to 200 billion neurons, each of […]

Public Speaking Testimonial – “Saturday the universe brought before me a speaking opportunity. My biggest fear plopped right down in front of me for the second time this year. This time I faced up to the challenge. I didn’t loose sleep, stress out, sweat under my arm pits or run away from the opportunity. I […]