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Wound Healing

by admin on March 24, 2015

“Today I am doing something I haven’t done since 2013 thanks to Life Vessel of the Rockies.  Last year I spent 9 months with an open wound thanks to an allergic reaction from a pain patch and could not enjoy any time by the pool or reservoirs.  Dermatologists and doctors could not heal it.  After […]

“When I walked into Gail’s clinic I immediately felt very comfortable. It’s decorated so beautiful.  I went to see Gail because I have a chronic condition called lichen sclerosis. I now know it is in remission after my treatments. I also detoxed and relieved a lot of stress because I was not sleeping well a […]

“I first went to Life Vessel of the Rockies (now Life Center) Dec 10, 2010 for my first set of sessions. I broke both sides of my ankle the end of Sept 2010, and had surgery Oct. 6. I was using a walker and in a cast-boot, not putting pressure on my foot. I began using […]

“My treatment at the Life Vessel of the Rockies has been a fantastic experience. I am being treated for a kidney/anemia condition through my doctor and wondered if the Life Vessel treatment could help. Once I decided to try the treatment, I had to receive two treatments before I was convinced how good I was […]

“I’m feeling very thankful tonight. I saw the oncologist today, and he said a lot of good things. He said I was way beyond the statistical averages for the length of time I’ve been responding to the medication and remaining better than stable. I have always prayed that God will light my path to healing […]

“Our dad/husband had been struggling for 3+ years with Lewy Body Disease and dementia. We felt that the medical team could not help him anymore. We were searching for any hope when my sister heard about the Life Vessel of the Rockies. We had absolutely nothing to lose, so we contacted Gail to set up […]

I am 70 years old. I enjoy reasonably good health for my age,however, I have experienced several areas of mild discomfort and ill-health. The results of the Life Vessel thus far have been impressive. Instead of waking up 4-7 times a night I now awaken 1-3 times. Eczema outbreaks in my feet and left hand […]

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Sciatica has improved greatly after Life Vessle

by admin on December 24, 2013

    She wrote a blog about her Life Vessel experience. UPDATE 6/15/12: I wanted to give you a quick update in case anyone else calls and needs info about sciatica. I am, again, amazed. My Life Vessel session has obviously had a major impact on the inflammation I’ve been fighting. It’s hard to explain, […]

4/11/12: My wife and I flew from the East Coast to do The Life Vessel. We had heard good things and because we both have high stress careers we knew that our bodies were not functioning optimally. I have had problems with my liver for years and I was experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms as well as […]