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Wound Healing

by admin on March 24, 2015

“Today I am doing something I haven’t done since 2013 thanks to Life Vessel of the Rockies.  Last year I spent 9 months with an open wound thanks to an allergic reaction from a pain patch and could not enjoy any time by the pool or reservoirs.  Dermatologists and doctors could not heal it.  After […]

I’ve been going to the vessel for close to a year.  After battling a migraines most of my life (the past year experiencing one to two migraines a week), and after an MRI concluded that nothing was wrong, I tried the Life Vessel as an alternative route.  Since going to the vessel, not only have […]

“I cannot testify any stronger. I recently had trauma to my right eye, resulting in a droopy eye that would not open all the way.  Being a rather vain person and being that your eyes are the window to your soul I have been emotionally frustrated with the healing process.  I also have been struggling […]

Pre Life Vessel wound and the ones to follow are after 4 Life Vessel sessions and then 2 weeks after Life Vessel.  Client reported significant healing after starting Life Vessel and oozing stopping and wound sealing itself up quickly.  He is amazed.  Here is his testimonial, “I was in a skiing accident and shattered my […]