Life Vessel of the Rockies

This is what the lifevessel looked likeLife Center’s Journey

Owning Life Vessel of the Rockies (now Life Center) has been an amazing journey and career.  We used to sell Life Vessel, but we now only sell Harmonic Egg.  The Life Vessel was invented way back in the 90s and after years of seeing clients and studying the sound and light technologies we upgraded to Harmonic Egg as a more immersive experience in a 360-degree chamber, in the shape of an egg.

Life Vessel was a rectangular box, coffin like.  Life Vessel worked for me more on a physical and environmental level, but since the Harmonic Egg I have had more healing on all levels (emotional and spiritual as well as physical and environmental).  Lots of childhood trauma was never addressed during my Life Vessel sessions (and I did a LOT of sessions).

That deep emotional trauma is at the root of many illnesses and conditions.  I maxed out at what Life Vessel could do for me and went on to invent the Harmonic Egg.  Want to try the Harmonic Egg? Check our locations page to see where the nearest center is to you.

If you are interested in opening your own center please call us at 303-630-9218 or contact us here.

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