Life Vessel versus Harmonic Egg

Life Vessel and Harmonic Egg are on completely different levelsLife Vessel vs Harmonic Egg

We had Life Vessel here at the Life Center, but we converted the Life Vessel to Harmonic Eggs. The most amazing difference is the results we are getting. The Life Vessel worked great when we used it back in 2010 we just found the Harmonic Egg to work better.

Our Harmonic Egg immersive programs resonate the body’s energetic system and together with the immersive experience in the egg, create a significant opportunity for transformation and deep healing to occur at the root causal level.

These programs do not “cure” anything. They resonate and “tune” the body and the mind, open the energetic channels and release the body’s natural healing energy, creating the opportunity for the body mind to heal itself.

This is accomplished through the creation of the relaxation response, which our programs do through the application of music designed for the architecture of the Harmonic Egg. The Life Vessel uses canned music in the form of MP3 files that are cold and clinical. Life Vessel did not have music designed for its architecture.

Secondarily, our programs bring the energetic into alignment by resonating the body mind with specific key signatures and frequencies. The Life Vessel does not have this capability to work in this manner.

Third, the immersive experience is a vibrational sound “bath.” This is facilitated through the conscious (intentional) composing and then mixing and mastering process. Our programs surround the client with beautiful harmony and sound, a multidimensional experience that facilitates the body’s natural healing process to the highest level. The Life Vessel does bathe one in sound, but in a rectangular box, likened to a coffin. The Life Vessel does not have 360 degrees of healing inside a sacred geometry egg like the Harmonic Egg.

There just is no comparing The Life Vessel with the Harmonic Egg. We have clients that have used both and prefer Harmonic Egg over Life Vessel every time.

Life Vessel is good but not as good as harmonic egg

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